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Jul 7, 2006 11:36 PM

Providence restaurant where you can leave your sticks?

I heard there is a restaurant in Providence that has a storage area where frequent diners are invited to bring and leave their own chopsticks. Does anyone know this place? Many thanks!!

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  1. That sounds so intriguing, but alas, I have no answer for you. I, too, am curious to hear it!

    1. Not in Providence, but about six months ago, I went to Ichibon in Cranston. I ate at the bar and noticed someone had his own chopsticks. The diner, who was a regular, mentioned something about chopsticks for regular customers. I'm not sure if they were supplied by the restaurant or the customer or if they are still doing this.

      1. That is so cool. I went to Ichiban many months ago with my (Korean) parents and we enjoyed the place. I've not been back since (I spend most of my time in Boston). Is it doing okay? I need to make another trip there sometime soon. I will check out the chopstick situation.

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          The night we were there, the place was packed. The only immediately available seats were at the bar. I don't know how they have been doing recently. I've been meaning to get back there myself. I enjoyed the meal when we were there. Service was a little slow, but that might have been because they were so busy. I'll try and get back soon and post an update (about the food and the chopsticks).