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Jul 7, 2006 11:05 PM

Baci Abbracci in Williamsburg

I have heard raves, can anyone offer me some solid opinions? Thanks in adavance.

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  1. So, as it was, my wife and I went last night. What a meal. First courses consisted of Calamari Friti, not rubber rings with bland sauce, but a light frito misto treatment, with a loose version of cold pesto to dip. PERFECTLY cooked calamari is difficult to come across. The other first course, blanched asparagus wrapped in a paper-thin sheet of proscuitto San Daniele, on a pool of melted telegio cheese, broiled just briefly to give color to the cheese sauce. AMAZING. Dinner was homemade paperadelle with lamb bolognese. Deep, intense, and rich...perfectly executed. Just the right amount of condiment with the pasta that was just al dente. She had beet and goat cheese gnocchi, with wild arugula and a dense white sauce finished with granna. Simple and rich, earthy, and gnocchi as light as air. And then the service. They really knocked it out of the park. I live in Williamsburg, and we struggle to find service that is even attentive, at all, in any way. Frankly, these guys could show Dressler a thing or two on service standards. I could not have asked for more to that end. The garden in back is spectacular. Minimalism rules, and flowers abound. If the world cup is your bag, they will be screening it on the back wall in the garden this Sunday! Now that is one big screen. Wines are nice, we had a lovely Carmignano. One downfall, it is cash only. And while there is an ATM on the premises, you can only withdraw 120/use.
    Come prepared for that, which we were not. Run, don't walk to this palace of wonderful Italian on Grand St. in Billyburg.

    1. Your post makes me want to run, not walk but RUN to Baci Abbracci. The Lamb / Bolognese sauce sounds especially good. BTW if you enjoy fried calamari there is no better than what Frost Restaurant offers. They lightly dredge in flour (No thick batter here!) and briefly fry in fresh oil. just til golden. If you ask they'll give you a couple of freselle (small dried biscuits made with lard and black pepper) They put these on the bottom and place the hot calamari on top. They'll then top it all with Hot or medium tomato sauce. I prefer the sauce on the side cause too much can mask the flavor of the Calamari. This is the old school way of eating Fried Calamari or Scungilli Marinara. The dipping sauce unlike most Italian restaurants is made with much tomato paste and is quite acidic. Very tangy and it compliments the calamari perfectly. This too is old school and nearly impossible to find anywhere. This has to be eaten there to see how excellent it is. Just 10 minutes in a takeout tin will degrade the texture somewhat. Although their takeout is better than anyones fresh. Thanks for the rec on Baci Abbracci

      1. thanks for the reviews - i passed by this the other day and it looked good but there was no one inside. is it busy ususally busy? also what is the price range?

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          They are new to the 'hood, only opened a couple of months now. When we went Friday, the front was empty, but the garden was packed! Dont be fooled. It is amazing to me that there are not people lined down the block for this place. OH! And they accept reservations, no matter the size of your group! Woo-hoo!