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Jul 7, 2006 10:56 PM

Tasty & Easy WHITE Sangria Recipe?

hello all...

can someone please give me a recipe for white sangria? i have made red before, but im having a BBQ next weekend and i think i should serve white when its 90 out :) thanks!

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  1. Both my SO and mom can't drink red wine, so I usually make a small batch of white sangria for them at my summer parties. I don't have a "set" recipe, but it usually goes something like this:

    1 bottle chenin blanc or sauvignon blanc (mom's preference)
    1-2 cups peach schnapps OR grand marnier OR limoncello
    1 cup white grape juice OR mango nectar OR pear juice
    2-3 cups of sliced peaches, nectarines, mangoes, pineapple, orange or tangerine wedges, strawberries or whatever fruit looks great at the market

    Combine everything in a big pitcher and refrigerate overnight.

    To serve, splash some club soda or seltzer water into the bottom of a red wine glass and ladle in the white sangria, along with some of the fruit. Some people pour the soda water into the pitcher, but I like the flair of doing it a la minute.

    If you really want to make it super easy, you can use frozen sliced fruit. It's a good little tip if you've got to make some quickly since the frozen fruit will chill down the drink very quickly. Be sure you get fruit with no sugar added or else the fruit will be syrupy sweet and somewhat mushy when you thaw it.

    Also, you have any cheap sparkling wine sitting around, it makes a good sparkling white sangria. Make it shortly before you serve it, or the fizzy will go flat.

    Hope your BBQ is lots of fun!

      1. Just made some for the 4th and finished it off tonight - it was even better than on the 4th.
        1/4 c. brandy
        1/2 c. peach nectar
        juice of one lemon
        juice of one lime
        juice of one orange
        2 tablespoons sugar
        1 lemon sliced
        1 orange sliced
        1 lime slice
        1 peach chunked

        Let this all marinate for a few hours. Pour in a bottle of white wine (I just used what I had on hand). Let it sit for a few hours. Pour into glasses and top with club soda or seltzer water. I also added a bananna, which was interesting but I would rather have used strawberries, if I had them. Also, peach schnapps or peach brandy work well as a poster above said. Again, I just used what I had on hand.