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Jul 7, 2006 10:27 PM

Breakfast near South End Market

Going to the South End Market on Sunday for the 1st time. Looking for suggestions for a good Sunday breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, etc)that is near by.

Also wondering if the market includes a good farmers market...I have heard conflicting reports.

Thank you

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  1. Mike's Diner on Washington is a good place to go for a traditional breakfast.

    1. Quality of the farm goods at SEOM varies wildly by weekend. It's better to go earlier than later; I watched them wrap the whole thing up early on one recent, very hot Sunday (it's held on an acre of asphalt). See if you can find the truck farmers from Rehoboth: we've gotten some great produce from them.

      I got a nice Italian ice (lemon and watermelon, tasting like fresh fruit) from the Italian ice guy on that very hot day. I said, "This is a good day to be the Italian ice guy." He replied, "Every day is a good day to be the Italian ice guy."

      Mike's is a good call, though lines can be long on Sunday; it's the only old-school breakfast available on Sundays in the South End. Nowadays I tend to favor its sister restaurant down Mass Ave near Newmarket, Victoria's Diner: same owner and menu, but with free parking, sassier waitstaff (held over from previous ownership), and shorter lines. Try the "Mexican" omelet: chilli and cheddar, with grits or homefries, mmmm.

      1. If you've never tried Tremont 647, that's my recommendation. Some of the best bacon in the city and the "pajama jammy jam" dress code is usually entertaining.