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Jul 7, 2006 10:11 PM

Hugo's - what's the story

We're moving back to Sydney and had planned to go to Hugo's at Bondi (and old favourite) as a welcome home - but it's closed down.

Does anyone know why ? Has it been replaced by anything good or are there any other newish places to go to (not Icebergs)?

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  1. The Hugo's dudes sold out to concentrate on their Kings Cross properties, the site has been snapped up and the new venture is called SoBo (as in South Bondi). I looked at one of Xavier Mouche's menus this morning and it veers from the vaguely okay but potentally tedious:

    - Salmon tartar with toasted brioche, dill mayonnaise and sliced cucumber ($20)

    - Quail and wood mushroom pithiviers, grape jus ($24)

    to the needlessly showy-sounding likes of

    - Grilled scallops with red radicchio and cauliflower, warm bacon and raspberry dressing ($26)

    - Steamed Lobster floating island in foamy lobster soup with black truffles ($28)

    It could be alright. The main courses are all in the mid to high 30s, though, so I'd be more inclined to spend my money at Sean's, Icebergs, Pompei Pizza or North Bondi Italian Food, unless it turns out that this guy cooks better than he writes menu.

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      Thanks for the info. I'm sure I'll try it sometime but maybe not in a rush! mmmmmmm you've given me a craving for Pompeii Pizza though (love their potato one)

    2. My partner and I went there this past weekend. I think it has only just opened. Anyway we thought the food and the service were fantastic. I had the beef salad entree and the salmon which was perfectly cooked and served with a light champagne sorrell sauce. My partner had the quail pithivier and the beef de paris. Both of which he really enjoyed. Desserts and coffee were also excellent. What ever coffee they are using is very good! We were regulars at Hugos and hope to be at Sobo. Their breakfast menu also looks as though it is going to be a winner. We hope to get back down there this weekend to try it.

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        Thankd for the info - sounds pretty good. We'll have to give it a go!