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Jul 7, 2006 09:07 PM

Kosher Pareve Baking Mixes

Someone recently asked on Chowhound about kosher pareve baked goods. I found a website that sells kosher pareve bake mixes (cakes, muffins,etc.) over the internet.

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  1. Thanks, I wish I could use this.

    1. I just noticed several varieties of pareve cake mixes in my local kosher grocery. They were labeled "Pillsbury", and from the packaging, seemed to be imported from Israel.

      I didn't look at them carefully, so don't know any more details.

      1. Maneshevitz now has yellow and chocolate cake mixes in stores (I found it in my local Acme). I haven't tried them, but noted them with relief. I only hope they will also come out with a good brownie mix.