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Jul 7, 2006 08:54 PM

Birthday dinner -- where to go?

My girlfriend is taking me out for dinner for my birthday. I'm trying to decide where to go. So far I'm considering Icarus, Hammersley's, or Chez Henri. We tend to try a few new restaurants a year. These are ones we haven't tried yet. Would anyone have strong feelings for one over the others? Or perhaps you could throw in a suggestion of your own.


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  1. I eat at Hamersley's fairly regularly since it is in my neighborhood. I have had consistently good meals there, though they are a bit expensive. I do have to say that the portions are pretty big which at least somewhat compensates for the prices. Their roast chicken is always really good and when I was last there, my friend and I shared the braised wild mushrooms with polenta (are the recommendation of Mark the bartender) and it was really delicious. We also got the beef tenderloin which was very tender and flavorful, but a bit overcooked for my taste. They also have a great outdoor patio area.

    I can't comment on Icarus or Chez Henri but one of my other favorite spots is Clio. It's a high end restaurant with an inventive menu and top notch service.

    1. I just ate at Chez Henri last night, and while it was good, it wasn't a WOW! type of dinner. Can't comment on Hammersley's, since it's been years since I've been there, and have never been to Icarus.

      You don't say where else you've been, but I highly recommend La Campania. I ate there back on June 10th (I posted a review here). Hands down, the best service and dinner. Salts was also another excellent dinner, back on March 25th (also another review posted here).

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        Yep - I always see Chez Henri as more of a great neighbourhood spot with exceptional food, (especialy for the price) rather than a swoony 3 michelin star quality. Also a fan of Campania, very pure flavours and clean technique, no fussiness. Great wine list (mostly if not all Italian).

      2. I have to say that I love Icarus... There's a reason it's been around as long as it has, and I've never been disappointed there. I love the room. The service is great, and it's the kind of place where the "yum-factor" is high. Chez Henri is a solid very good. Same with Hammersley's... I don't think you could go wrong at any of them, but Icaurs is really fantastic.

        1. Thanks, everyone!

          I think I'll save Icarus or Hammersley's for Restaurant Week, if they're participating.

          After reading a bit more on the board, we've decided to go to EVOO. Their menu titillated both of us. (I've been looking for a chance to use that word.)

          We also weighed going back to Ten Tables -- where she took me last year for my birthday. I'm looking forward to eating there sometime soon to try out the new chef's food.

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            You didn't mention a night of the week but the $50/person 7 course tasting menu ($75/wine) at EVOO gets a lot of raves here. Only offerred M-Th.