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Jul 7, 2006 08:35 PM


After reading Bauer's glowing review, I thought I would find more CH chat on it but a search pulled up almost nada. Has anyone been? Good? Bad? The ugly?


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  1. I can only say that my daughter and her boyfriend - sophisticated twentysomethings who live in S.F. and love to try new places - went to Terzo and really liked it. They also enjoyed the people-watching! (I must go with them next time...)

    1. Terzo is pretty good. Bauer seemed to be a bit over-zealous in his praise. Great spot if you live in the 'hood, but not a destination by any means.

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        We had five dishes for two of us--stuffed squid in red wine sauce (I'm doing this from memory from several weeks ago), pretty good; hummus topped with far too much oil; fava bean puree topped with far too much oil; lamb cheeks--pretty good; excellent broccoli-garlic-chile(?) dish.

        I actually got sick and almost upchucked later that evening from the excess oiliness.

      2. Great food, but the portions are appetizer servings for one. Don't go there hungry trying to full your belly on their servings. If you go with more than 2 people, you will need to order multiple orders of a dish to all have a taste.

        1. Good small plates in a beautiful environment. Chef used to be at Rose's Cafe across the street. Good service. The only negative was the usual self-important Cow Hollow/Marina crowd. This wouldn't usually matter but the tables are so close together you are forced to overhear some incredibly vacuous conversations.

          1. Two of us had dinner there the other night. Shared six items, all of which were fine, though nothing impressed us all that much. Left feeling sated but like we wouldn't be back. Comparison - Cesar in Berkeley knocks my socks off every time.

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              It's been a few months since I went but I agree with this. Food was not bad by any means but not stand out in any way and definitely overpriced for the tiny portions. I liked Nectar nearby which was more of a wine bar serving food than a small plates restaurant serving wine, but remember liking the food (the quail and cheese plate in particular) much more than Terzo.