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Jul 7, 2006 08:21 PM

Silicone pot holders?

Anyone use these? Do you/don't you like them?

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  1. LOVE 'em! I have a few different kinds. I got little grabber mitts that are perfect for pulling anything out of the oven, grabbing handles on cast iron pots, or lifting hot lids off pots. I have one round flat one with a magnet so it sticks to the side of the fridge for when I need to set something hot on the counter or table. One big orca mitt is fantastic for grabbing hot food and moving it around, like lobster and crab, corn on the cob, loaves of bread right out of the oven, etc. I like them because they are extremely protective of heat, and impervious to hot liquids and oil (unlike side towels or cloth based pot holders). I cook professionally and have been made fun of for them, but I'm the only one in the kitchen without burns on my hands or wrists. Privately, all of the sous chefs have asked me where I got them! Also, on a hygene note, they can be washed in an industrial or home dishwasher, can be soaked in bleach water or industrial cleaners and continue to maintain their integrity. It's one of the few things I keep in my personal tool kit and take with me where ever I cook.

    1. I don't really care for the ones I have... I have a regular square silicone potholder and one of the odd-shaped "grabber" potholders. I find that they are not flexible enough, so I either end up burning myself anyway or dropping a whole tray of cookies on the bottom of my oven (yes, this really happened!)

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        I totally agree! I liked the IDEA of them, so I bought 2, and then I received another as a gift. I also found them hard to work with, so I went back to regular pot holders and oven mitts. I guess they are ok as a trivet, but I already had some trivets I like better and I can't seem to bring myself to throw them out, so now they are just taking up space in one of my cupboards.

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          I agree too. I had 2 square pot holders which were just too stiff. They ended up in the box for the Goodwill

        2. I had the same problem with the awkward size/shape of silicone pot holders. I cut a square one into quarters. Now they fit my hand better. They're not ideal for everything but they're much better on pots and casseroles with "ear" type handles and they wrap around the handles of saute pans and things that aren't too heavy.

          If you want to do it they cut easily with a metal ruler and a rotary cutter. And X-Acto would probably do the trick too but the rotary cutter sliced right through with no fight at all.

          1. I think I threw mine away because they were so awkward - I never felt like I had full control with them on my hands...hadn't thought of cutting them like other posters mention....might look around to see if I still have them.

            1. These are the ones I have. I like that I still have control of my wrists when I use them, and since they are non-specific to left/right handers, I can use them for either hand.