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Jul 7, 2006 08:12 PM

4 hour layover

We're traveling to Alaska in late August and have almost 4 hours at SeaTac. I have been advised that we don't have enough time to try Seattle :( and am looking for somewhere feasible to eat lunch. I'm not adverse to eating at the airport, it's just that our day of flying will be 12 hours all total, so the thought of getting out of the airport is very appealing. Don't mind a short walk - might be just what the doctor ordered - or a taxi ride would be OK, too.
OF course, if our flight is delayed - we'll eat at SeaTac.

Not big on sushi, but everything else would be great. Anthony's DesMoines has been recommended and the thought of a waterfront lunch seems a possible.

Would love to hear any thoughts on Anthony's DesMoines as well as other recommendations. THanks.

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  1. They have a nice waterfront location and you can trust the food will be good. If you use a taxi you should have time to go to Anthony's. Make sure you tell them Des Moines because there are some other locations farther away. They also have a small location in the airport but I can understand your wanting to get out of there. If you want to walk try 13 Coins Restaurant just across the street from the airport. It will take you back in time to wood panel walls and Dean Martin but the food will be good.

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    1. re: Mark Nobe

      Thanks - I get the impression that Anthony's is a Seattle "institution"??

    2. Suzy, Anthony's serves above average seafood. I wouldn't call it a Seattle "institution" but they are well received locally. (There are much better places, but people do like the overall experience.) 13 Coins, previously mentioned, is a kitch place the defies catagorization. It truely is as if you were in a Dean Martin movie. Even if you never drink Martini's, you'll strangely find yourself ordering one along with a string of dishes you never thought you wanted. Also nearby is Ban Thai. It has a humble, converted drive-in exterior but serves outstanding Thai food. Do not, under any circumstances, order more than two stars. Enjoy your brief Seattle visit!

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      1. re: Leper

        Thanks - Ban Thai sounds interesting. Is that walkable?

      2. The actual name of the restaurant is Bai Tong, and it's very walkable just north of the airport at 15859 International Blvd. VERY good Thai food (I think better than any restaurant in Seattle) and if you like spicy food, go as many stars as you like - but note that they will serve it spicy, unlike other Thai places that are too mild for my taste.

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          no wonder i was having trouble finding info about it - thanks. I think I have 3 good options! 13 coins, Bai Tong & Anthony's. Now I'll just have to hope for smooth flying!

        2. Don't bother leaving the airport to eat at Anthony's. There's an Anthony's *in* the center of the main terminal (in the "Pacific Marketplace" area with the huge glass wall). It's actually quite good - easily the best food I've ever had in an airport.

          4 hours may be just enough time to get out of the airport, but I wouldn't call the area pedestrian-friendly. Be sure you know *exactly* where you're going if you leave for Bai Tong or 13 coins, or you could end up walking a long way for no food.

          1. May have to try 13 coins - in talking to my Dad (who has been to Seattle once 10 years ago) he recommended "this restaurant that's something Coins". Told a funny story about hailing a taxi to take him - didn't understand how close to SeaTac the restaurant is. Anyway - thanks again