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Jul 7, 2006 07:52 PM

Boards link is broken

The underlining still appears when my mouse pointer hovers over the Boards link at the top of the page but no URL is shown in the status bar (as it does for all the other links) and nothing happens when I click. The only way to access boards I've not bookmarked is to wait for them to appear in the Hot Posts or homepage listings. First noticed this about an hour ago.

Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Firefox

Edit: the Boards link at the bottom of the page is still working, so that's a way to access non-bookmarked boards. Of course, it doesn't involve the drop-down menu like the top-of-the-page Boards link does.

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  1. Do you have javascript turned off?

    1. >Do you have javascript turned off?<

      No, it's on. Haven't changed any browser or board settings since the last time the Boards link was working. And I just rebooted both my computer and Firefox.

      Another info tidbit: the top-of-the-page link works in Internet Explorer 6.0 <shudder>.

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      1. re: carswell

        Not sure what to say -- we've got the same config here and it works fine. Are you *sure* that javascript is turned on?

        If so, try clearing your browser cache (tools>options>privacy>cache), close down the browser and restart it.

        Not sure what else to add.

        1. re: Engineering

          Thanks. Yes, I had double-checked that javascript was on. In in any case, the link suddenly started working again late last night. What's odd is that I had changed nothing and hadn't rebooted in the interim.

      2. hmmm I also have the same configuration and it works for me...