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Jul 7, 2006 07:31 PM

Looking for Web Sites to Order Grains

I am looking for web sites to order grains such as quinoa, wheatberries, steel cut oats, barley, bulghur etc. I have not been able to find stores that carry much. Thanks in advance.

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  1. has grains + an infinity of other excellent source, completely reliable

    1. Bob's Red Mill can be ordered online and has superior quality in whole grains and legumes and baking materials. Very highly recommended.

      A recent discussion is here:

      1. Both of those sites are great. I appreciate the sources, thanks.

        1. Have you tried Whole Foods? They carry a lot of grains in their bulk section.

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            There aren't any Whole Foods, etc near me, and I have checked all the markets nearby, that's why I am looking for online sources, but thanks for the suggestion. I used to live close to a Whole Foods, as well as many ethnic groceries, but just recently moved to Myrtle Beach, and I am missing them.

          2. I have ordered from Barry Farm ( ) and been happy with my order.

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