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Jul 7, 2006 07:16 PM

Fringe fuel

Heya Chow'nders,
It's that most fringe-i-ful time of the year, when I burn myself out biking like mad from one Fringe venue to the next, hoping to squeeze in just onnnne more wafer-thin play. And a girl needs to keep her energy up when she's hanging with all those hard-core thespians, so, are there any chow-finds in the Fringe region (The Annex, and Bathurst and Queen/King) where I can tank up before another play?

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  1. in the annex, one great option would be ghazale as they're also only a takeout place. falafel, shwarma, tabouli, stuffed grape leaves, etc. really nice stuff at a very reasonable price.

    a little further down would be double happiness for all your japanese cooked food needs. a bowl of very tasty tonkotsu (or any other flavour you enjoy) ramen will hit your wallet for only $5. they also have bento boxes and these mini hot pot type woks for $8. photos to explain the wok:

    if you get peckish during the shows or just want something interesting to pop into your mouth with some coffee, take your bike a bit past bathurst and get a box of walnut cakes. i don't have a specific suggestion for a bakery but there are tonnes lining the street.

    around the bathurst/queen area go to johny banana for some awesome and different milkshakes/yogurt drinks/juices. think guava, mango, coconut, lime, mint, etc.

    ghandi roti is definitely in the area.. for of course, you know what.

    in fact, this area is fully of places that you might just want to explore for fun.

    ps. this is a fantastic reminder that i need to make up my own fringe schedule asap.

    1. I'd skip the ersatz Japanese in Sushi Gulch on Bloor W. Try King's Noodles down at Spadina and Dundas.

      1. if you're near bathurst/bloor, you could always hit the victory cafe. it's usually even a fringe venue. their burgers are decent, fries are excellent, and they've got a better than average selection of draft (including a cask ale or two). further east on bloor (right beside the bloor cinema), Ghazale is a great family-run lebanese sandwich shop. the shawarma's so-so, but the falafel is good, and the fried vegetable sandwich is awesome. no tables, though. also, kilgour's (bloor and howland) has better than-normal pub grub. there are also a tonne of good korean spots along bloor between bathurst and christie.