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Jul 7, 2006 07:10 PM

Junior's Deli Boys - Your Take

A new Junior's Deli Boys recently opened in Manhattan Beach. I noticed they're also planning to open in the new LA Live. What's your take on their food, service and ambience?

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  1. Verrrry disappointing. This place could've been a grand slam as there are no good delis in the south bay. I don't know anyone who is impressed. Mediocrity at its finest. Where should I begin? First of all, it appears they are no longer affiliated with Junior's. In any event, they were and were supposed to have the same recipes and meats and breads. It never tasted like they did and the quality now is certainly below the better LA delis (brent's, langers, art's, junior's, jerry's). The menu board is a mess. THey tried to be creative but instead it is a jumbled mess with all sorts of graphics and colors. The service has been somewhat poor each time I've been there. The sandwiches aren't thick and the meats are just kind of there. Pastrami is nothing close to Langer's and isn't even any better than what you'd find at Ralph's or Von's deli. I hope it improves b/c everyone we know in the area craves a good deli.