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Jul 7, 2006 07:05 PM

Best hamantaschen

As I
- am definitely an ignorant gentile,
- loved the hamentaschen that I've tried at friends' houses,
- am willing to travel anywhere in the city/ outer boroughs for this,

Please post your favorite hamantaschen places! And fillings, if you'd like...

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  1. Moishe's Jewish Bakery between 6th & 7th St. on 2nd Ave is my favorite place for wonderful hamentaschen. They bake four kinds (poppy, apricot, raspberry and prune) and a good sized piece will set you back about $1.75. I especially like the standard size (not minis which they also offer) since you get a very generous amount of fruit filling. Their shortbread recipe is really good and in my opinion, Moishe's hamentaschen is better than any other bakeries around town.

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    1. re: pkallan

      I like Moishe's and I'm a regular there, but I do have one criticism of their hamantashen: I find the crust too salty. I still like the poppy and prune hamantashen, however. What I like best is when around Purim, soft hamantashen are available, but the hard ones are sold year-round.

      1. re: Pan

        I bought some extremely soft (nearly underdone) ones from a deli once - K&D on 96th and Madison, though I think it has since changed owners. They were great, but I was told they were far from it bad form to heat up hamentaschen? I'm usually not in NY during Purim, unfortunately.

        1. re: theannerska

          "is it bad form to heat up hamentaschen?"


          And the soft hamantashen at Moishe's are breadlike or danish-like, not underdone.

          1. re: theannerska

            Absolutely...if it is pallid and you prefer it tinged with gold or brown, by all means continue baking it in an oven until it reaches the the texture you prefer......
            I have had many 'cookie' dough hamentachen that looked and tasted like they needed oven help, and i gave it to them!!!
            Trust your needs and tastes...and just make it so!

      2. You need to footwalk on Union, President and Carroll streets in Crown Heights , Brooklyn. The Lubavitcher bakeries make excellent hamantaschen as well as matzoi for Passover. I don't know any store names so you should let your nose do the picking, figuratively of course.

        1. Sort of off subject a tad. Has anyone ever tried the chocolate rugelah at Sammy's Rumanian? It's quite delicious.