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Jul 7, 2006 06:49 PM

best CHEESESTEAK place?

I had a Philly cheesesteak in Philly a year ago and I can't quit thinking about it. Any suggestions? I live in Silverlake but will travel anywhere in LA for a delicious sandwich.

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  1. I've liked South Street in Westwood.

    Big Mike's in Hermosa isn't bad, nor is Papa Jake's in Manhattan Beach.

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    1. re: Xericx

      There's a Southstreet in Burbank

    2. i just used the search feature and found a lot of suggestions. i am an idiot for not searching before posting. sorry.

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        No worries... we're used to it, because before the site redesign the search feature was... touchy at best, let's say.

        I really like South Street, which is in Burbank on Victory just north of Olive (be careful not to make the illegal left turn -- do a Michigan left, which is to say go one block further, U-turn and turn right); Philadelphia Sandwiches on Magnolia between Vineland and Lankershim are pretty good, and if you're ever down in Anaheim, I like John's Philly Grille on Euclid and Katella.

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          Philadelphia Sandwiches can be a really good sandwich.

          The best I've had was at Philly Steak Depot on Santa Monica and Vine BUT I've also had some of the worst there; they are incredibly uneven, as sometimes the bread is stale, and the meat is overcooked. On a good day, though, it's a great sandwich. Ask to go easy on the meat and get extra cheese to make it a little more authentic (if Jim's on South Street is your idea of a cheesesteak).

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            If this was Digg or Slashdot, I would totally mod you up.

            I came in here looking for good Cheesesteaks and leave with two places that are REALLY close to my house.

            Thank you :D

        2. Markie D's Taste of Philly, on Washington Blvd, one block east of Sepulveda, is hands-down the best I've had in town. I was just there yesterday. Unlike South Street in Westwood, the sandwiches are gi-normous. All of the ingredients are perfect and the cheesesteaks simply melt in your mouth. Also, based on my meal there yesterday, they seem to have switched to waffle-cut fries, just like those I had at the world-renowned Pat's in Philadephia. Caveat: Markie D's uses provolone cheese, which is my personal preference anyway, and I'm not sure if they have a Cheese Wiz option. All in all, they offer the finest, most consistent and most authentic cheesesteak I've had on the west coast.

          Caveat #2: The restaurant itself seems quite dingey and grimey, yet somehow manages to earn and post an "A" rating in the window. Go figure.

          Caveat #3: Bring your own defibrillator. You may need one.

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          1. re: Arthur

            Markie D's does have "the wiz".

          2. Mike D's & South Street?

            Skip'em Both.

            I'll have to try Markie D's though I'm skeptical.

            1. Philly's Best is my favorite chain, where they use the Amoroso bread as in Philly, and they have the 3 choices of cheese in white American, provolone, and Cheese Wiz. They have multiple locations in LA and OC.


              Another of my favorites in OC is Frank's Philadelphia Hoagies & Steak Sandwiches in Costa Mesa.