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Jul 7, 2006 06:43 PM

Chicago Firehouse?

Why would the president and mayor go there? I was there once and the food was truly awful.

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  1. Gotta disagree with the totally negative review on The Firehouse. I've only been there twice, but both times were pretty satisfactory. Not outstanding, but certainly not terrible. Why GW was taken there probably has more to do with locale and some personal and/or political favor on the Mayor's part (and on the same day as the Sorich verdict!).
    Back to the food: I've had a very good pork chop and a pretty decent NY Strip that was good value for a high $20s price level (certainly priced below the high-end chop houses).

    1. I agree w/ RMaris9. It's not a destination, it's not outstanding, but it's very reliably good food. I've never been impressed with the service, but on the other hand I haven't been turned off/angry about it either.

      1. This is one of the Mayor's favorite places. It is also close to his home, so that could be why he likes it.

        I was there a few years ago, cool place, a bit on the high priced side. Food was good enough.

        One tv report said, the Pres had a Chicago steak, while another report said he had Texas Style BBQ ribs.

        Can't trust what you hear or read sometimes.

        1. I would rate Chicago Firehouse a notch above the replies given so far. I was turned off my first visit 3 or 4 years ago because we were seated 45 minutes later than our reservation. I returned a month ago and was impressed by the food quality and service enough to go back again. Seems they got over the bumps in the road. By the way, it's quite conversation friendly, and if the weather is warm, there's a pretty patio in the back.