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Jul 7, 2006 06:33 PM

Far Western vs. Hitching Post -- What's the best?

I will be in the Santa Maria area in a few weeks and wish to know which restaurant is better (and why) -- the Far Western Tavern or the Hitching Post. Also, if there are any other worthy restaurants in the area, please let me know.


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  1. Which HP are you considering? Buellton or Casmalia? I prefer Buellton but the Sideways factor may make it difficult to get into.

    1. We're going up on Saturday and I made reservations at the HP2 in Buellton at 6:00 via I noticed they had available reservations at pretty much any time (this was as of last Monday) - do you know if they are pretty good about honoring reservation times? We're headed to the PCPA theater afterwards and I don't want to be late.

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        I think the HP has slightly better food, but if your'e staying in Santa Maria, the Far Western is lots closer and is not bad. Not sure where the theater is that you refer to.

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          We're staying in Buellton. The theater I was referring to was the PCPA outdoor amphitheatre in Solvang where the show begins at 8:00. So I wanted to make sure that HP2 is good about honoring the actual reservation time as opposed to shuffling people off to the bar for a while.

      2. The 2 HP's, FWT and Jocko's in Nipomo are the best to consider IMHO. Jocko's for dinner only as the oak pit is only fired up then. All 4 places are experiences with great food in a pretty special atmosphere. I think the Sideways thing has HP2 a little too trendy, but I still can't knock it. I'd choose between FWT if I wanted a more "back in time" sit-down place or Jocko's for convenience to the 101 and the most unique "fun" atmosphere.

        1. Not a steak house person myself, but here's for other meals:

          Good sushi at Atari Ya on the back side in the Stowell Center, behind Cafe Monet(good coffee and desserts). Between Battles and Stowell sts. on the west side of So. Broadway, the main shopping street. Closed Monday.

          Mexican snack foods at Carniceria Su Mesa at the Blosser location, at Blosser and West Main, next to Farm Supply. make your order, pay at checkstand, pick up order.

          For a real treat at fine dining, Chef Rick's or Wine Cottage in Orcutt, just 10 min south (take Broadway to Clark Rd--go right to Wine Cotage, left to Rick's.)

          1. Recently at the Far Western in Guadalupe - the original and worth the extra drive through the verdant country hills to get there - about 20 minutes from Santa Maria.

            Stick to basics like the sirloin (***) here and you will not be disappointed at all, and the side dishes and desserts have gone more upscale so there is far more to enjoy. Funky, classic old "Italin-American" style dinner house in a historic setting and a very local watering hole at its long antique bar.