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Jul 7, 2006 06:29 PM

help me - looking for sushi on westside

Hello I am taking a VIP to eat sushi. He is from New York and I need to impress but can't afford Urusawa. I don't want to go to Sasabune. Any other suggestions? Kiriko? Has to be open on Sunday and on the westside because he is staying at the Four Seasons.

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  1. Hamasaku is my all time fave!!! have you been?

    1. It depends on what kind of sushi he prefers.

      For more authentic, I'd suggest Sushi Gen in downtown LA (a bit more east).

      For the fusion and the scene, I'd definitely go to Matsuhisa or Nobu (celeb-spotting a guarantee).

      For more tapas-style Japanese food, Mako in BH.

      good luck.

      1. Sushi Gen is too far east. It has to be on the westside. Plus Sushi Gen is closed on Sundays.

        1. Hamasaku & Sushi Zo are closed on Sundays.

          The Four Seasons is on the corner of Doheny and Burton Way. Exit hotel south, turn left on Burton Way and follow till La Cienega, right on La Cienega for 3 to 4 blocks until:

          Matsuhisa - Opens at 5:30 on Sunday
          129 No. La Cienega - right side of street
          (310) 659-9639

          That trip is about 7 minutes.

          Why Matsuhisa when there is a Nobu in New York City? Because the Nobu restaurants around the world are "chain" restaurants; whereas, Matsuhisa is the original and the Sushi Chefs behind the bar have creative freedom that Nobu-New York's chefs do not have. In order words, they serve wonderful dishes there you can't get at any Nobu chain place. I have taken heavy hitters from NYC there and they really did enjoyed themselves.

          If you go there, you should definetly sit at the Sushi Bar which doesn't take reservations so be there when they open at 5:30 - If your VIP arrives from NYC on Sunday, it'll be 8:30 to him. (I've never been on a Sunday, so how buzy?


          I'd be happy to suggest some dishes, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow as no more time today.

          1. You won't impress anyone with sushi on Sunday. It's a bad day to be eating raw fish.

            Good places for Sushi on the Westside on other days include Kiriko, the Hump, Sushi Zo, Sasabune, maybe Hiko.

            Others like Mori, Matsuhisa, Nishimura and Echigo -- not I.