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Jul 7, 2006 06:25 PM

New Hope Recs?

Heading to New Hope next weekend and looking for a place for a nice dinner, got an reccomendations?

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  1. Make sure you call in advance (including your hotel, if you are staying at one). They had very bad flooding there recently and I wouldn't be surprised if many places are still closed. Thank you.

    1. We like La Bonne Auberge which is beautiful and has excellent (and very expensive) traditional French cuisine. They have a table d'hote on Thursday night -- last Thursday we had potato and leek soup, salad with a dijon vinaigrette, filet au poivre and a dessert consisting of raspberry tart, a piece of blueberry pie and a small square of cake (right now I'm having a senior moment and the name escapes me). Total of $55 not including drinks or coffee. It's not on the river and was not affected by the floods.

      1. My favorite place in New Hope is Havana. We always eat outside on the porch that overlooks Main Street so we can check out the action. It is also s club with music. Food is good and not too pricey. Also, they have veggie and healthy items.

        For fancier spots, drive up River road a little to the Center Bridge Inn ot the Black Bass Hotel. The Black Bass has quaint rooms whick overlook the Delaware.

        1. The Inn at Phillips Mill, on the outskirts of New Hope, is very romantic and byob.

          1. The Mansion Inn is at the stoplight corner (there is only one stoplight in New Hope) Their pastry chef is Harry, my favorite pastry chef in New Hope. Whenever he changes jobs, I find out where he went to, and go to that restaurant for dessert. His German Chocolate cake is a favorite. I still remember the petit fours he made for my tea party ten years guests took all the leftover petit fours home with them...and they still rave about them!

            Around the corner is the Paper Plate Cafe. Really good, reasonably priced food served on, you guessed it, paper plates! They have a takeout menu, should you wish to walk along the canal and picnic on your own. The "Pork Slapper" sandwich...

            Across the river in Lambertville, NJ, Manon Restaurant serves French Provencal food. They only serve dinner and Sunday brunch. Reservations are virtually essential, since us locals call in our reservations early and fill the place up.

            Tastebuds, a small, intimate restaurant on Ferry Street, is very good. The food is all cooked on the premises.

            On the outskirts of town, in the Staples/Clemens strip mall, is the Chinese restaurant, Hong Kong Sunny. Good chinese and reasonably priced.

            My absolute favorite pizza, Capa Pizza, is in Lambertville, NJ. They make the dough fresh right there. Smoked duck and Gorgonzola pizza is a knockout. Their regular sausage pizza is good, too.

            None of these places were affected by the flood. They are all on the inland side of Main Street.

            My favorite French Bakery, right next to the river, was flooded. C'est La Vie has already survived two floods. I saw them working on cleaning out the latest flood debris, and they may already be open again. Joel makes the best croissants in town. On Sunday mornings, I love to get an apricot croissant and sit on their outdoor riverside patio, watching the river flow by. It makes me feel like I am inside an Impressionist Painting.