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Jul 7, 2006 06:21 PM

Persian Kabobs at Chatnoga in Santa Clara - other recs on El Camino in Santa Clara?

My co-worker took me to a restaurant in one of the strip malls along El Camino in SC. The place looks completely unappealing from the outside and the inside. However, I was so happy with my kabob. It was flavorful, the chicken was juicy, the rice was delicious...but the salad bar is sad. The servings are hearty and I made a good lunch out of my leftovers the next day.

Chatnoga is located on El Camino between Bowers/Kiely and San Tomas.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I am doubly interested in this place now because a) there's a lack of good lunch places near me, and b) I loves me some good Persian food.

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      Take out only, but you might want to check out Halal Meats Deli for koobideh.

    2. Go to Chelokababi. At El Camino and Wolfe. Access from Wolfe, behind the gas station (Shell?).

      Best kabobs in the entire area, hands-down. Better than Chatanoga, better than Yas, better than any of the other places I've been.

      1. Is there at least a better setting at Chelokababi than at Chatanoga?

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          I'd imagine so. Chelokababi has formal dining rooms, rugs, table settings, etc. Their appetizer platter is quite nice with the exception of the dolmas. The rose syrup dessert was also nice the one time I had it