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Jul 7, 2006 06:16 PM

Route 11 Chips

Is there anywhere in the DC area that stocks the FULL line of RT 11 Chips? We recently went to the Rt. 11 "new flavor" release party up in Middletown and tasted the green chili enchilada flavored chips. They are AWESOME and I'd like to find them nearby and have looked where I think they would be (Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, High Noon, etc.) Any ideas?

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  1. The Deli, in Herndon, has a very full line in small bags. They've had that flavor for a few weeks, if not months, though.

    Probably about 10 flavors at least? Worth the drive if only for the Hot Sicilian sandwich - which imo trumps The Italian Store hands down.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Where is the Deli in Herndon? Sounds like it might be worth a weekend trip. And, I'll also check Rocklands. I know I can order the chips directly from Rt. 11, but thought I would be able to find them locally too. I mean, the factory is only 90 minutes from here!

      1. re: DC Gal

        It is in the K-Mart shopping center on Elden, just west of ffx cnty pkwy a few blocks. The Deli is on the far side nearish the Gold's Gym. The whole center is a sort of center for Herndon hounds, and if you make the trip, you can check out the Russian store next to it. There is no seating at The Deli. If you turned right out of the parking lot onto Elden, though, you'll go a few more blocks and hit the old town part and can sit around there and eat the sandwich.

        The Hot Sicilian and other named sandwiches normally come double portion, but you can ask for single portion versions. They really are good.

    2. The Rocklands on Duke Street in Alexandria has a fairly extensive line of Rt. 11 chips. Don't know if it's the complete collection, but they have had the Green Enchilada chips for some time now..

      1. Not sure how far away you are, but I'm pretty sure I saw them at Eatzi's in Rockville. I don't they had the greatest variety though, maybe two or three flavors.

        1. I've seen some flavors in the back of the Marvelous Market in Dupont Circle. Mmmm, Mama Zuma's revenge.

          1. The Bethesda Balducci's (aka Sutton Place) stocks them but not sure to what extent.