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Jul 7, 2006 06:15 PM

Cafe Brazil Vs Bamboo

I was hoping to try Cafe Brazil this weekend with the thought to test it out for a co-worker who has some old friends from NYC coming into town. But another co-worker chimed in saying Cafe Brazil was more authentic and less good and her favorite in the area was Bamboo. A look at their website describes them as Latin Carribean cuisine.

Has anyone here been to both and have an opinion? Authentic Brazilian food is not the goal but an interesting place for a couple of friends to hangout with decent food is.



Bamboo Restaurant
10835 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles,CA 90034

Cafe Brasil
10831 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034-7109
(310) 837-8957

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  1. Just a note: the last two games of the World Cup are both this weekend (noon on Saturday and 11am Sunday, if I converted correctly). As I drove by a few days ago, I saw that at least one of these Brazilian places - and maybe both - are advertising that they are showing ALL the games. So, lunch might be a raucous and crowded experience this weekend. Maybe dinner would be a better option this weekend?

    1. I recommend Cafe Brasil over Bamboo Restaurant. I also recommend the newer Cafe Brasil which is attached to Villa Brasil Motel - about 7 blocks west of the Venice location on Washington.

      11740 Washington Blvd.,
      Los Angeles, CA 90066

      Same menu, more indoor tables.

      1. I've been to Bamboo many times and Cafe Brasil once or twice, and much prefer Bamboo: prefer the menu variety and the space. I think Cafe Brasil is much better suited for casual lunches. But since they are right next to each other, you can easily scope them both out when you get there and decide. But, actually, Cafe Brasil may have moved, either that or they opened another location on Washington. Drove by the Washington location, and it looks very happy and inviting, bright yellow building.

        1. I can only comment on Cafe Brasil as I have eaten there many times. I really like the place. Food is authentic, my mother really likes it and approves (She is a Brazilian citizen) I know you said you weren't necessarily looking for authentic, but I like that place. If you go during the week, they have a good lunch special

          1. I haven't been to both, but I think the executive lunch is a tasty affordable lunch. I usually get the steak and it comes with rice, beans and plantains, all for about $7.