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Jul 7, 2006 06:14 PM


A friend was saying they were headed to Betty's on King East ( ) this weekend with some friends. Only been here once or twice a few years ago, and love the patio, but can't recall the food. They were looking for advice.

Any recs?

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  1. I found it to be a nice patio, and an okay place for drinks. I did not care for the food. I had a veggie burger which was still frozen in the middle. I did not find the fries particularly memorable. My SO's meal was nothing special, either... I believe he got eggs benedict (it was a late brunch).

    Essentially, everything I saw or tasted seemed to be typical low-end bar fare. Maybe have drinks at Betty's, then head elsewhere for food? There are some decent options just down the street.

    1. I agree with Marno.

      I get the Deep-six dip, which is essentially a baked taco dip. This usually goes quickly. Wings are okay, though not good enough to make a special trip to Betty's to get them...

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        Thanks. My friend ended up at Betty's last night and pretty much found it to be about what was said above. They ended up ordering the Deep Six and said it was good, but certainly not anything to hurry back for.

        Nice patio, good selection of beer but go somewhere else for dinner, if a good meal is part of the evening.

      2. I much prefer The Richmond Rogue, which is in the same area, but better on three key fronts: drinks, food, and atmosphere.

        1. I agree with bluedog. The Richmond Rogue has much better food, atmosphere and service. Last time I was at Betty's the server over served the table next to me and the guy fell through a bunch of tables. Funny in some respects, but not in others. I do, however, like the patio at Betty's -- If I want a few drinks with friends on a warm night, I'll consider chilling out there.

          1. Definitely a place to drink beer, and usually lots of it if you want to fit in, and not a place to have a meal at.

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              I've spent many an evening at Betty's watching bubbles rise in my glass. You definitely don't go to Betty's to "dine". As far as bars go, it's your run of the mill convivial neighbourhood watering hole. The wings and natchos are decent - no better or worse than what you'd get in similar establishments for the same price. Service is fine. It wont blow you away, but then again why should it? It's Betty's for chrissakes.