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Cafes with WiFi in Los Feliz/Silver Lake Area?

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Am looking for a cute, comfy coffeeshop with wifi and good snacks (or breakfast). Had hopes for the Coffee Table on Rowena, but alas, no Wifi.

Does anyone have any non-Starbucks recommendations?

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  1. Hey there: there is a coffee house there, and I think its called psychadelic cafe. They have DSL for free

    1. The place is called PsychoBabble -- its on Vermont, just below Franklin.

      1. Silver Lake coffee shop on Glendale has it.....

        1. Google free wifi california. You'll find a huge list of all free wifi spots in the state.

          1. Cafe tropical in echo park

            1. bbg cafe next to bodybuilder's gym. free wifi but they have "summer hours" so they close earlier than usual. also, silverlake cafe across from silverlake wine shop has free wifi.

              1. Kaldi, on the west side of Glendale Blvd. in Atwater.

                1. Red Corner Asia has free wi-fi and cheap lunch specials if you ask for the lunch special menu....You can sit there and work hassle-free