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ketchup without high fructose corn syrup?

i try to avoid hfsc as much as possible, but i love ketchup. any recommendations for brands that don't use it? heinz in the u.s. is full of the stuff.

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  1. I buy organic ketchup precisely because it does not contain HFCS. Muir Glen is the brand I use but I know Annies also makes ketchup.

    1. Heinz makes an organic ketchup without HFCS.

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        Bough the organic Heinz on sale the other day. Tastes the same. I'll buy whatever is less expensive next time but it's gotta be Heinz!

      2. There is, at this time, no organic HFCS (the whole point of HFCS is that it's cheap, so there's no point in producing more expensive HFCS). So any ketchup labelled organic should be without HFCS. I just bought a bottle from TJ's this weekend for $1.69. For that matter, you can assume that any organic product will not contain HFCS, so looking for organic versions of products you use will make it easier to identify HFCS free products.

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          Precisely. Whole Foods makes a house brand ketchup too, for under $2. Tastes pretty good, but isn't identical to Heinz in texture (WF is a bit thinner, I think). On the other hand, Whole Foods's mustard tastes exactly like plain yellow French's mustard to me. Without all the additives.

        2. I purchased the Heinz organic for the same reason but find it too sweet tasting.

          1. I have cut out almost all HFCS in my diet because I personally think it is extremely unhealthy from all the research I have read. But Heinz ketchup is the one item I find indispensable and I am willing to put up with it. I wish they could get the same taste without HFCS. I have tried every organic and non-HFCS ketchup that I can find and none of them come close to regular Heinz.

            Note: 7/26/06- I just tasted the Organic Heinz and it is very good. Better than the original.

            1. FYI, Cooks Illustrated had a revolution in its recent ketchup tastings and Hunt's came out way on top, much to its staff's surprise.

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                Hunt's probably came out on top because they put the most HFCS in theirs!!!

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                  We switched to Hunt's several years ago. I don't know if Cook's Illustrated sampled Hunt's with or without HFCS but the Hunt's on the store shelves in at least the last six months promotes the fact that they DO NOT use HFCS in their ketchup.

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                    Hunts does not have HFCS. They were first to change back to sugar and that forced Heinz to make one catchup without it.

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                      Heinz has at least two without HFCS. Their Organic, and their Simply Heinz.

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                        Hunts went BACK to HFCS. it is really outrageous.

                        They say they did it to give consumers a choice, some choice when I can't find the kind without HFCS without going to Whole Foods.

                        I remember they had a big banner on the label "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" before, but now that they made the change, they didnt put a "We put back the High Fructose Corn Syrup" on the label.
                        If they really wanted to give consumers a choice, they would trumpet the fact they brought back the HFCS. Instead they snuck it back in.

                    2. I buy the Heinz organic without the hfcs. I occassionally will write a letter to companies asking them to elimate the hfcs in their products. I will have to try the Hunts brand.

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                        My dad worked for a label company which had all the biggie tomato products canners for customers. Heinz, Del Monte, Hunt's, Contadina, S&W, etc.

                        For reasons he never shared, he said the company reps would never eat the Hunt's products. All the canneries were nearby, and they had toured. To this day I follow Dad's advice. Contadina was my favorite brand, but I now buy S&W as they are more widely available and good. I'll try the Trader Joe's ketchup, though I don't use it much.

                      2. You can make your own. It's easy and you can put whatever you want into it. You can even sweeten it with apples. It will take you all of an afternoon.

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                          I'm with you, not only can you get creative but you can also control how much sugar and salt goes into it.

                          Homemade tamarind-chipotle ketchup is my favorite.

                          It doesn't take a whole afternoon for me, though, only a couple of minutes in the Cuiz and it's done!

                        2. I'm not sure if it's the same formula, but besides the Heinz organic, you can get the Canadian version of Heinz from http://www.canadianfavourites.com/ (Get yer Dare cookies while you're there, if you can't find them locally!


                          I recently tasted the Canadian version and it's like drinking Coke with cane sugar- it's a taste I remember from my childhood but forgot I wasn't tasting any more.

                          Coincidentally, I just this week picked up some Heinz organic and will do a taste test soon. My guess is it's going to taste the same because IIRC the Heinz organic is made in Canada.

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                            What are the best Dare cookies to order?

                            1. Yes, the Canadian Heinz is far superior to US Heinz. My brother gets it when he crosses the border from Rochester. LIke a number of versions of things that are better in Canada.

                              1. Corn is not the enemy here, but fructose is. If you know enough biochemistry to want to avoid fructose in your diet except when it is consumed with the antidote*, then you probably want to avoid fructose by other names. Agave nectar is mostly fructose. Evaporated fruit juice is mostly fructose, and gives many people belly aches and flatus (farts) because of other ingredients called glikitols. Pear juice is the most notorious source of these fartogens (not a real word, but you get the idea).

                                What will sweeten ketchup in a less unhealthy manner? Glucose, sucrose, evaporated cane juice. There may be another low fructose sweetener or two, but these are the main ones. Anyone who is tempted to object that sucrose is half fructose by weight should recall that the other half is glucose, and the glucose calls in our bodies' regulatory machinery to do its jobs: to tell us we have had enough to eat (satiety) and to direct the utilization of the carbohydrates we have consumed.

                                *the pulp, fiber, and many other ingredients that make whole fruit a nontoxic fructose package in the way that manufactured foods containing high fructose corn syrup or fructose from other sources cannot lay claim to.

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                                1. re: autnagrag

                                  there's no such thing as "glikitols"

                                  1. re: JMF

                                    "glikitol": Incorrect spelling of an obsolete word: glycitol- obsolete synonym for alditol (The polyalcohol derived by reduction of an aldose.)

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                                    "Anyone who is tempted to object that sucrose is half fructose by weight should recall that the other half is glucose, and the glucose calls in our bodies' regulatory machinery to do its jobs: to tell us we have had enough to eat (satiety) and to direct the utilization of the carbohydrates we have consumed."
                                    Then I will object by pointing out that the formulations of HFCS most commonly used as sweeteners in consumer food products is 55% fructose, 45% glucose, a ratio nearly identical to sucrose.

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                                      I have read that the corn used in HFCS is not even the corn that we eat but a totally different weed.

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                                        Actually, it is corn the we eat, it's not sweet corn however. The corn used to make HFCS, and regular corn syrup, and ethanol, and corn meal is dent corn. This is also the corn used to grind into animal feed.

                                    2. Trader Joe's brand ketchup doesn't have HFCS. And it's good!

                                      I think it's hard to make ketchup that tastes like ketchup, but for recipes calling for the stuff (like meatloaf glazes or sauces), it's actually really tasty to start with tomato paste (or sauce), and flavor to taste with apple cider vinegar and honey (or sugar or agave).

                                      1. Santa left my spouse a bottle of Melinda's Habanero Ketchup, without HFCS, christmas morning. It is delicious. FWIW, Santa did his shopping at World Market.

                                        1. I had switched to Hunt's a few years back after the Cooks Illustrated test when I discovered I really liked it better. Now, the last two bottles of Hunt's I have purchased were HCFS-free. I can't report on the taste yet, though. Might do a side-by-side with one of the previous bottles that I have in the pantry.

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                                            I noticed Hunts was HFCS free when I went looking for things in my house with HFCS. I had switched to Hunts probably the same time as you did for the same reason.

                                          2. Heinz makes organic ketchup without HFCS I found it at Wal-mart of all places.

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                                              I make mine. Takes about five minutes. It's awesome.

                                            2. Have you heard of a ketchup called Sir Kensington's gourmet ketchup? I think it's relatively new. All-natural so no HFCS. Plus it actually tastes like real tomatoes. I used to buy Hunts but my kids didn't like the taste, but they love Sir Kensington's. I buy it in Dean and Deluca, don't know where else it's sold but you can get it on the website: www.sirkensingtons.com

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                                                i just read about this stuff on Tasting Table last week..have to check it out sometime. by the way, you need to fix the link in your post - remove the parentheses and the period.

                                              2. wanting a Heinz 57 sauce w/o HFCS too! that stuff is DELECTABLE!

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                                                  You might want to check out this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/308602

                                                  I can't taste much difference between Heinz organic and Stop&Shop's Nature's Promise Organic Ketchup (Heinz is cheaper, but the stores rarely carry it). And I go with the scientific studies that say that any sugar, organic or HFCS, is equally bad for you (if you are a pessimist), so if no organic is available at a reasonable price, I happily go with anything that tastes good to me.

                                                  1. re: DonShirer

                                                    Admittedly, too much sugar is not good for you either. But the two are far from equally bad. It is worth noting that studies which find no difference between the two tend to be financed by the food industry, and studies which show differently tend to be run by institutions which are not connected to those who make the stuff.



                                                    (Steps down from soapbox.) That said, I have been using the Heinz organic for some time now. And while I haven't made an actual side-by-side comparison, it seems to have the familiar Heinz flavor that I've enjoyed since I was a kid.

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                                                      Correct. Sucrose and HFCS are equivalent metabolically. Sucrose is half glucose and half fructose, and HFCS varies but is approximately 50-50.

                                                  2. Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup is made with organic sugar. No HFCs. If someone else has already stated this, sorry for repeating it.

                                                    1. hunts switched to sugar back in 2010 but recently switched back to hfcs citing lack of demand. it does make an all natural variant with sugar.

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                                                        Heinz Organic has disappeared from area grocery shelves, but a new Simply Heinz brand appears to be made with sugar, not HFCS.

                                                      2. This is such an old thread, but for people who really care the difference between regular table sugar (sucrose) and HFCS. I know Rokeach Tomato Ketchup uses regular sugar without HFCS:


                                                        1. Heinz has al natural no HFCS ketchup. Its called Simly Heinz. cheaper thantheir Organic option

                                                          1. These corporations don't care at all about consumer demand. Hunts put HFCS back in their ketchup because its cheap & it preserves their product longer. The consumer doesn't want poison in their food. Profits come before people and hunts has displayed that ugly truth with their sneaky switch. I can't wait to watch their profits dip because people like us refuse to buy their tainted sludge! Don't buy hunts!

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                                                              HFCS is no more poisonous than any other form of sugar which contains fructose, which includes ordinary table sugar (one-half fructose). Perhaps the most poisonous is agave nectar, which is mostly fructose yet thought by some to be "wholesome." Think of it as High Fructose Cactus Syrup.