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Jul 7, 2006 05:53 PM

Sunday night before the Cyclones game

Heading to the Cyclones game with a bunch of kids. Thinking of Spumoni Gardens for an early dinner. Any other ideas or recommendations of what to order?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. L & B Spumoni Garden is an excellent option w/ kids. Of course, the Sicilian slices are manditory, as is ices/spumoni/ice cream for dessert.

    For the stuff from the counter inside, I'd recommend the rice balls, sausage & broccoli rabe hero, and, most of all, the "pear salad" (green salad w/ olives, cheese, and pear slices). Be ready for a 20 min wait and somewhat chaotic service if you decide to go that route.

    The only alternative I'd consider would be Nathan's. (Though, being an adult, I am also enamoured of the Clam Bar a block from the stadium.) Totonno's is too much of a pain, IMO.

    1. You're also very close to Totonno's, for great brick over pizza and is just a few blocks from the stadium.

      1. Make sure you stop by the Strawberry Shortcake booth on the Boardwalk - a large will easily serve three young'uns. Quite tasty. (It's near the corner of Stillwell, about two blocks from the park.)