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Jul 7, 2006 05:44 PM

Chinese food in Dallas Area?

I have just moved to the area and am looking for a place with good chinese food perferably good Beef CHow FUn. I am actually looking for something in the Irving/Coppell/Carrollton area but will travel for good food.

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  1. There is a First Chinese Barbecue in Carrollton, and so far I've found First Chinese (Plano and Richardson) to be the best in the Dallas area.

    I've never tried their beef chow fun, but if you are looking for good Cantonese/Hong Kong-style Chinese, it is quite good.

    First Chinese BBQ
    1927 E Belt Line Rd # 122
    Carrollton, TX 75006

    (972) 478-7228

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    1. re: Kirk

      The Arlington location is equally good, and the beef chow fun at all of them is excellent.

      1. re: David Pearlman

        And the crispy tofu is to die for!

        (along with the in-shell fried shrimp!)

    2. I completely agree with the First Chinese BBQ rec. I've been to 3 locations (including the Carrollton one mentioned above), and the great quality is consistent.

      However, if you ever venture out to the Chinese shopping center in Richardson (Belt Line & Greenville), try Maxim's. It's Cantonese cuisine with the option of the family style dinners (like Asian version of prix fixe, I guess). I had this fabulous garlic crab dish that I just can't stop thinking about. That menu is only available at dinner time (and only in Chinese, not sure if that's a problem for you), as weekend lunches are dim sum only (fabulous dim sum, best fried stuffed taro root in Dallas, just terrible service because they get so busy during dim sum).

      In the same shopping center is Genroku, where most people go for the cheap sushi. I recommend the Taiwanese side of their menu (which is actually about half of the offerings). Memorable dishes: tender stir fried pieces of lightly soy sauced beef with bitter melon, and braised spicy eggplant.

      Now I'm getting hungry :)

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      1. re: donnaaries

        I've never made it beyond the dim sum at Maxim, but will have to try dinner sometime. Maybe someone there will take pity on a diner who doesn't read or speak Chinese?

        Thanks for the Genroku tip, too.

        By the way, have you ever tried the relatively new noodle shop in the same building as Maxim? Again, the lure of Maxim's Har Gau and Lo Mai Gai has overcome my curiosity about the noodle shop, but I'll make a stop there if it is worth it.

        1. re: donnaaries

          I agree with Maxim's for dim sum, but I'm going to put in another plug for Kirin Court. I think their selection is a bit better. I also agree about Genroku. I've had a couple of good meals there from the Taiwanese menu. The fried tofu and the eggplant my favorites.

          I also want to put in a plug for Jeng Chi. I went there today and gorged myself on dumplings. Its just down the row from Genroku. 12 pork and leek dumplings for $5, you can't go wrong. You can also buy them frozen to take home, $5 for 24.

          I want to go back and try some of the noodle dishes. A couple of the other tables were eating them, but I was stuffed.

          1. re: simply_victoria

            Went to Genroku at the recommendation of a Taiwanese friend who said that they had the best basil chicken he's had anywhere in the US. It came out sizzling in a clay bowl--tender, moist, salty sweet chicken. Very enjoyable.


            1. re: simply_victoria

              Thanks for the Jeng Chi recommendation, Victoria. I was there last night and had their beef boiled dumplings and pork and mustard leaf noodle soup. Both were very tasty. The soup noodles were freshly made. Dinner, including tip, was $12.

              1. re: simply_victoria

                My most recent visit to Kirin Court this past Saturday has made me a convert. Though Maxim's and Kirin Court both have their positives, I think this last visit really demonstrated Kirin Court's wide variety of dishes. And the service was actually decent!

                For pictoral review, see

                1. re: donnaaries

                  One suggestion: make sure to try the mango pudding the next time you stop by Kirin Court.

                  I went there 2 weeks ago with some friends, we had the place to ourselves on that friday morning, so the same lady helped us out several times and suggested it. I'm pretty sure it's on the carts, so make sure to ask for it, it's a great dessert!

                  1. re: air

                    Actually I have tried to mango pudding (on a previous visit), and I liked it a lot!

            2. Are you talking about Ay Chung Noodle? If so, I've never been there but have heard good things about the chain (they have locations in Taipei and LA).

              Along the line of noodles, I have tried the noodle shop in the shopping center across from First Chinese BBQ in Richardson. I believe it's called Noodle King or King Noodle or something ridiculous like that. I thought their beef noodle soup was quite good (order at the counter, cash only). I liked it better than the beef noodle soup at Jeng Chi, which I thought was a tad on the intense side (too salty, spicy).

              The best bowl of beef noodle soup I've had lately was at Sandong Snacks in Houston. I believe the Houston chowhounds rave about it quite often, but sadly it's not in Dallas.

              By the way, I'm looking forward to trying out Zander's House soon after your review!

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              1. re: donnaaries

                Thanks for the tip on King's Noodles.

              2. My wife, who is Taiwanese, tried Ay Chung a few times. She was disappointed, saying the flavors were not that great. I thought the house noodles were ok, but non-noodle dishes were nothing special. We usually go to Genroku for Taiwanese food - try the 3 cup chicken (I forget if that is what the english name is on the menu) - one of our favorites!

                King's Noodles does have good beef noodle soup, and they also have good shaved ice for dessert.

                Also, we do like Kirin court for dim sum - will have to try Maxim's sometime, although it might be hard to convince people to try something different.

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                1. re: babar

                  I am not sure Maxim's dim sum is better than Kirin Court, to be honest. The quality of Kirin Court's dumpings may be a bit higher. But for sheer variety and a massive crowd -- along with completely inattentive service, as donnaaries points out -- I end up going back to Maxim time and again.

                  Thanks for the recommendation of a dish at Genroku, and for the assessment of Ay Chung.

                  1. re: babar

                    Thanks for the insight into Ay Chung.

                    I also enjoy Kirin Court for dim sum. Each restaurant has its "bests," I prefer the fried taro root and shrimp hargow at Maxim's, but Kirin Court has better atmosphere, service, and often, more variety.

                    Will have to give the shaved ice at King's Noodle a shot, although I'm always drawn to Boba Latte for an after dim sum treat. I normally don't like bubble tea but this place uses fresh fruit and it's quite a treat.

                  2. You have room to eat something else after dim sum? I wish I knew how to do that!

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                    1. re: Kirk

                      Not "have room," more like "make room" and try not to get queasy for the drive back home. Haha.