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Jul 7, 2006 05:43 PM

iso: thoughts on wineries worth visiting in livermore. . .REPORT

my so and i were looking to get out of the city this weekend and maybe do some wine tasting in livermore. we've done the napa/sonoma thing many times and had heard that the livermore ares was less touristy and worth visiting.

has anyone been there recently? any recommendations for places to visit, wineries and maybe even a place to stop for lunch (store to pick up yummy grub and blanket-laying location or restaurant)?

thanks in advance!

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  1. I would suggest Mitchell Katz winery on Vineyard. They have beautiful grounds, a few picnic tables and a very nice tasting room. Tenuta has nice grounds, but I do not enojy their wine very much. For food, I would suggest Trio @ Stony Ridge on Tesla. Garré Vineyards & Winery is very nice too. They serve gourmet lunches too.

    1. I liked Thomas Coyne when I was there. Barn-like building slightly elevated with good views out its doors. Very casual. Good wines. I also enjoyed Mitchell Katz--very big, posh, Napa style tasting room.

      1. When we lived in SF a few years ago, we quite enjoyed Cedar Mountain's Duet blend and Cab Sauvignons.

        1. How about the Santa Cruz Mountains instead? David Bruce, Mount Eden, Ridge and Varner are all great wines. It's one of the best places in California for pinot noir and chardonnay.

          1. My family visited Chouinard a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Nice site, nice people, and a very high "hit" rate across the whole range of offerings: