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ALBANO'S BROOKLYN PIZZERIA (on Melrose Ave.) -- any good?

I have a co-worker who was raving about ALBANO'S the other day. Is it all that?

I don't really care if it has "authentic" NY-style pizza, just curious as to whether the pizza (of any style) is any good.

Thanks as always.

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  1. Decent pizza, edible, which is more than you can say for most Hollywood pizza, but not much more than that. I find the crust to be a little cardboard-ish.

    I would say the best pizza in the area is probably Village Pizzeria on Larchmont, but even that is sub-par.

    RIP Vito's.

    1. Agreed on the Larchmont pizzeria. Some relatives from Staten Island took me there, and what I could say after: at least they make a Sicilian pie. It's something.

      1. I really like Albano's, though I usually go to the Studio City branch. They have a great veggie pizza, though it doesn't stand up at all well to travel or reheating -- too many toppings.

        It's not perfect New York style pizza (insert ten people's complaining about how there's no good pizza in LA) but it's not far off, and I eat it often.

        1. Albanos is, in my opinion, the best pizza in the Hollywood area. Only been to Village P. on Larchmont twice, but was unimpressed both times. It's personal, so I won't belabor the point by trying to describe why I like what type of pizza, but at Albanos you'll get a thin, crunchy crust, a flavorful sauce, and cheese that tastes like cheese. And, they're fast. I usually get it plain and it's always good - why push my luck?

          (was) Can't talk...eating

          1. I'm not a fan and will only go back if I've a serious jones for thin crust and no one else is open.

            Do yourself a favor and go West on Melrose a block just before Fairfax to TOMATO PIE. It's not, as we had first hoped, a Grandma Pie but, rather -- as its name implies -- an authentic Joisey-style Tomato Pie. Light, sweet and perhaps the least greasiest pie I've ever had.

            1. Although I haven't been to Albano's, if I'm not mistaken it isn't far from Angeli Caffe, which we've recently rediscovered for truly delicious pizza, among other things. I had considered Albano's after recs from this board, but the description on their menu sounded not so much what I was after--& Angeli Caffe is. I highly recommend their

              Pizza con Salsicce...10.50/13.25
carmelized onion, mild Italian sausage, fontina, sage

              We had this last night, & even reheated at home it is a current fave. Their website shows pictures to see the crust. We also had:

              Pizza Angeli...9./11.75
smoked mozzarella, tomato-basil sauce, garlic, fresh basil

              It's also good, but I may prefer the Margherita, sampled previously, without the smoky cheese.

              We also liked

              Insalata Forte
locally grown organic baby greens, fennel, Belgian endive dressed with a garlicky parmesan vinaigrette


              1. Albano's was pretty good when I got pizza there.

                1. I saw Albano's come up on this site a bunch recently and it made some other top ten in LA pizza list I saw so the family and I finally hit it this weekend.

                  I really wanted to like it: the basic part of the pizza seemed right with the thin crust and sauce, but the end crust was impossible to chew. We got one of the specialty pizza's which didn't work since it was such a thin crust (the toppings just fell off or the pizza collapsed). There were tomatoes on this one - which I love on pizza - but Albano's cut them really thick and they were those gross unripe-yet-slimey on the inside tomatoes. Yuk.

                  The staff was friendly and attentive for a pizza joint. At a pizza place I don't really even care so long as they don't screw my meal up, but it seemed worth noting they were friendly guys.

                  If I was with friends that wanted to pick-up a PLAIN pie from Albano's I'd go along with it, but there's no way I will ever seek this pizza out again.

                  1. I picked up a "Everything but anchovies" pizza from them about two weeks ago to split with a few friends, on the recommendation of one of them (transplanted New Yorker) I wasn't super-impressed. Crust was a bit cardboardy, sauce wasn't anything great. Agree totally on the overly-thick tomatoes.

                    1. If you're looking for a real NYC slice, as some have claimed on this board, it doesn't even come close. Poorly flavored sauce, crust comes out funny and floppy. I agree with the above poster: RIP Vitos.