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Jul 7, 2006 05:02 PM

New restaurant in Los Gatos?

I heard there's a new restaurant opening up this summer in the Hotel Los Gatos, where Kuleto's used to be. Has anyone heard anything about it? Would love to see a good new restaurant move into Los Gatos...

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    1. I heard it's upscale Greek...

      1. Think it's spelled Dio Dekka. Group of men who used to work at Evvia opened it. The food was surprising. Very good, excellent lamb chops and a casserole of lamb, orzo and olives that just got better and better as a leftover. Saganaki isn't flamed but it is terrific. We had the most impressive milleflour for dessert, flaky with rum custard inside. A good $30 bottle of Greek wine. They even brought me my beloved retsina, though not on the menu. Service was very attentive.
        Only drawback, extremely noisy. We sat back near the bar, perhaps up front by the windows is better.

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          I've heard the exact same thing. I have a couple of friends who live outside of the Bay Area. Everytime they come here for business they always stay at this hotel. They told me the food is authentic, excellent and a good value. I believe these guys since they do a lot of travelling to Greece.

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            Here's a link to Ken Hoffman's opening report from earlier this month.