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Jul 7, 2006 04:48 PM

Help finding Pollo la Brasa in Van Nuys (I think)

Hi folks- there's a pollo a la brasa in Van Nuys (or thereabouts). I'm NOT talking about the one on Western... but it's a very similar place (peruvian rotisserie chicken over open fire)... I've eaten there but can't seem to find it on Google... anyone have the contact info? thanks

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  1. It's on Victory and Kester on the northeast corner. I think it's called either Lola's or El Loco de Pollo (not El Pollo Loco)

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    1. re: Greglew324

      Yep. It's El Loco De Pollo, I was there for lunch about 2 weeks ago. Got the half chicken with rice and salad. Was delicious. Worth the lunch break road trip from Studio City. There's actually a mariscos joint I believe in the same mini-mall.

      1. re: bassbiz

        It's pretty good, but on Van Nuys and Victory (or thereabouts, it might be Hamlin and Van Nuys) is Super Pollo, next to the La Opinion offices -- I like that much, much better.

        Lola's has a branch in Glendale with the same good chicken, but the service, oy, my God -- and forget about ordering anything other than chicken or the serviceable salmon salad (lunch only).

      2. re: Greglew324

        El Loco de Pollo (Lola's)
        14851 Victory Blvd.
        Van Nuys
        (818) 988-2181