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Jul 7, 2006 04:26 PM

ISO Live Bait and BLT Fish Shack

How is the food and what is the atmosphere like at Live Bait? and how is the food at BLT Fish Shack. The prices at BLT Fish Shack don't look that bad - are the portion sizes small? If you had a choice, which restaurant would you go to (in corporate speak, which has the best Return on Investment ;-) )

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  1. Live Bait has a bit of a frathouse clientele. The restaurant itself is kind of cute, but the food is only mediocre and I have a hard time excusing the crowd.

    Have never eaten at BLT Fish Shack, but it's on my list, even though it gets negative reviews here. Have eaten upstairs, which I adored, though it has also gotten mixed reviews here.

    1. Live Bait is highly overpriced for the amount of food you receive and the staff are never too friendly. You are better off going somewhere else.

      1. Live bait is a fun place but the food is just ok.Blt is better

        1. I am honestly not too fond of either place. if I had a craving for seafood in that area I'd go to Shaffer's and get oysters. they have a nice lunch special - six oysters and a shrimp caesar salad. mmm

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              beware SHAFFERS is expensive. you can get the same for much much less $$$ is you go down to bleecker and go to FISH. great happy hour.

          1. i think blt fishshack is good, but nothing special, and therefore it's pricey for what it is. the main floor is casual and fun and would be a nice spot to come during happy hour to have drinks at the bar and some appetizers. i had the the $24 lobste roll which had large chunks of lobster and it was very fresh. the lobster bisque is also good.