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Jul 7, 2006 04:18 PM

Carey's Catch, or other fried seafood near Lexington

I remember reading on this board a while ago that Carey's Catch in Lexington (on the Arlington border)has good lobster rolls. I've also seen some posts about them having good seafood to take home and cook. Do they have fried seafood to take out? Has anyone tried it?

Additionally, are there any other good places for fried seafood in Lexington/Arlington/Medford/Burlington? I don't want to drive too far, so Essex and such are out. Thanks!

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  1. bedford house of beef makes pretty decent fried seafood. Disclaimer: I have not been in a few years but used to go quite often as I worked less then a mile from there.

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      Twin Seafood in W. Concord is supposed to be good. I think that's the name.

    2. I went to twin a few weeks ago. It was ok, id say its over rated. Not bad or anything but not great. we got a fish and chips and a fishermans platter.

      1. When I used to frequent Carey's Catch they did offer fried seafood, but I can't remember taking advantage of it. I occasionally had a fried calamari appetizer at Vinny's (minus the red sauce its not so bad and the bar is nice for a glass of wine) and I think also at Mario's. (And there are hundreds of places for fried calamari in Medford and Burlington.) From time to time I used to get a pretty good fried haddock sandwich from a greek sandwich/sub place, but nothing to make a trip to.

        In Medford I frequent the Seafood Depot in West Medford which is pretty basic, but good turnover and they change the oil every day... close to 2A and Arlington Ctr. Good clams, good calamari, good scallops.... I also like Moulton's (meffababe's favorate), but don't frequent it as much simply because of convenience. Captain Boston used to fry fish, but I don't think they do anymore and its further away.

        I would say give Carey's a call to see if they still fry fish and give it a shot. If not there are options that may not be equal to Essex, but they certainly hit the spot (Moulton's and Seafood Depot).

        1. So I ended up trying calamari at both Moulton's and Seafood Depot in Medford (convenient to my office). At Moulton's, the breading was too sweet- reminded me of the kind of breading on frozen clam strips. The consistancy of the calamari was a little rubbery, but that was probably because it steamed a bit in the bag on the drive home.

          Seafood Depot was very tasty. The breading was very light (both amount and consistancy). The calamari was tender and enjoyable, not at all rubbery. I will definitely be heading back again.

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            Anxious to hear how the ready to eat options at Carey's work out, too -- we LOVE the fish and scallops there -- we think the dry scallops there are the best in the area! I wonder if they do a good job of frying them as well?

          2. I haven't eaten take out fried food from Carey's in two years, but the fried clams I had there were memorable -- very, very light (tempura like batter) and the clams were small and sweet. (I'm not as interested in big bellies as I am in flavor and tenderness). Highly recommend based on past experience -- would love to know if they're still that good. I think the owners are/were Korean, which explains the tempura-like frying.