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Jul 7, 2006 04:16 PM

Best bites in Seattle

We'll be there for 3 nights, and of course, need to eat!! Think we'd like to try Etta's, but welcome all recommendations, both for lunch and dinner. One of the lunches would hopefully be along the waterfront, and one of the dinners will be after a Mariner's game, so maybe not too far from Safeco, and on the lighter side (we'll have had a Safeco dog or two, you know). We're staying near Pike St. Market, and will have a car, but would prefer to not use it, so are willing to walk. As long as it's safe! Thanks.

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  1. See a recent post ( to learn about the Elliott Bay water taxi and lunch in Alki ( This 12 minute ride is cheap, $3.00, and fun, and the view from Alki can't be beat. There's a free metro shuttle that will take you deeper into the business/restaurant strip, along the beach.
    Along the waterfront, Elliott's Oyster House has an Oyster Happy hour from 3:00, when oysters are 50 cents apiece and rise 20 cents every half hour til 6:00.
    From Safeco, head Southeast through Chinatown to 8th, south of Jackson. and Green Leaf for Bo Bai Mon and Lotus Root salad.

    1. Shutterfly, Mr. Nelso's suggestion is an excellent one. While in West Seattle try Sunfish (if you like good fish and chips) or the more upscale Duke's Chowderhouse. (Outstanding chowders.) At the market try the upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market; there you will find outstanding fresh mussels prepared properly. Nearby is Matt's at the Market and 94 Stewart Street. (For breakfast go to Cafe Campagne for some incredible French toast.) Near the ballpark--well within walking distance--is Seattle's International District. Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant and Hing Loon are both good. Both offer the very same dining atmosphere as your 5th grade cafeteria, but their food is excellent. (The salt & pepper ribs at Hing Loon will make you swoon as will the shrimp won ton soup) Enjoy Seattle and write back and let us know what you liked.

      1. At Safeco I would recommend the garlic fries along with the hotdog. Also, if you have a car at Safeco, a short, out-of-the-traffic trip over Beacon Hill into Columbia City would get you to La Medusa for a nice rustic Italian experience. Though, you cannot go wrong in the International District.

        1. Hey, thank you all. I think you each hit a particular sweet spot for either me or my wife. I'm printing your recs to take along, and will report back.

          Hmmm.... No one commented on Etta's. I'm wondering if it's a good idea, or just living off its laurels.

          Garlic fries? At Safeco? You know I gotta give those a try.

          1. Shutterfly, Etta's is excellent. If they offer their whole fish fried in Japanese rice flour, don't miss it. Avoid FX McCrory's near the ball park. It looks good, but isn't.