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Jul 7, 2006 04:12 PM

Audubon Circle last night

Stopped in last night with a friend for dinner. We had two beers each, shared the excellent-as-always white bean paste with olives and toast app, and I had a bacon-cheddar burger (medium rare) for my main while my friend had the tomato bisque/grilled cheese combo. My friend, as usual, ate every bite of the soup/sandwich combo. There was tons of bacon on the burger which made me very happy but it did come out a more like medium and tasted almost medium well due to the char on the outside. They were decently busy, it still had some bit of pink to it, and this was about my first off-cooking temp experience there so I didn't send it back. Also, while still a good burger but it seemed flat/pre-formed whereas in the past I had the opinion that they used hand-formed patties. Am I wrong?

Service was excellent as always.

Total was like $40 pre-tip.

Patio was hopping.

I really like this place.

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  1. They definitely make the burgers by hand, but they are prepared beforehand and stored in a large plastic storage bin. The burgers are thrown on the grill and made to order. I think the burgers have been that way pretty much since it opened, but my memory not so good.

    I agree with your overall assesment. AUdobon never disapoints and is an excellent value. One think I do not like is the home made ketchup. I always ask them to bring a bottle with the burger.

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      The home made ketchup is hit or miss but I like the bit of spice to it. I like theirs much better than the anise-laden ketchup at Matt Murphy's.

      This time, the patties just looked too thin and perfectly shaped to be hand-formed. Maybe mine was from the bottom of the batch.

      Still great service all around a really good clientele on most occasions.