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Cheap lunch in the West Village?

Just started a new job at Hudson and Leroy-- need to find cheap/good places to eat lunch!

(Had edible, if not amazing, mandarin noodle soup at Mama Buddhas. I am probably too far away for good chinatown joints over by Mott and Elizabeth to deliver, eh?)

Looking for good recs for chinese, thai, mexican, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, bbq, etc.

Affordable/places good for daily visits are best, but if there is a place I shouldn't miss, don't hold back!

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  1. For some good sandwiches (about $3-$6), sweets ($1.50-$3), and breads ($2+), you can go to Amy's Bread on Bleecker.

    John's Pizza on Bleecker is superb but you can only buy the whole pie, no slices. But there's a pizza joint on Carmine that sells good pizza by the slice; just forgot the name.

    1. Lunch special at Sapore, Greenwich Ave at Perry St.

      Sandwiches and pastas, with coffee or tea and soup or salad, for $5.95. It's not exactly destination dining, but it's a perfectly nice little neighborhood Italian place, with outdoor tables.

      - er

      1. Lassi
        28 greenwich ave btwn charles and w. 10th
        -parathas, lassis, rice and beans, soups, sweets. from 12 to 3pm is a lunch special where you can a plain paratha, a lassi and a small soup for $10

        Chez Brigitte
        77 greenwich ave at 7th ave s
        -tiny french place; GREAT and hearty food like poulet roti, fricasse de poulet, filet de sole meuniere, veal stes, pork chops, sausage sandwiches, salads, pasta, omelettes, sandwiches, etc. the most expensive thing is about $10.

        10 w. 10th st btwn bleecker and w. 4th
        -great, hearty sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers and hot dogs

        Fatty Crab
        643 hudson btwn horatio and gansevoort
        -can get expensive, but for lunch if you just order a noodle/soup/rice dish it'll be from $10 to $12. same with if you just order one of their specialties, like chicken claypot, pork ribs, chicken wings, etc. , that's $9 to $12

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          LOVE Westville. Esp. the daily market sides.

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            westville has the most amazing turkey burger!

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              they have this sandwich, the chicken ruben: grilled sliced chicken, sauerkraut, bacon, cheddar, avocado, pickles and thousand island on buttery grilled rye. for some reason they only make it for lunch, and it is quite possibly the BEST sandwich i have ever had. so f*in good. not cheap though. 10 buckaroos.

        2. mama budhas is great, and they have really cheap lunch specials with no delivery minimum.

          up hudson (between grove and christopher?) is a great place to get foccacia sandwiches. i think it's called foccacia, but i can't remember.

          faico's on bleecker (just west of carmine where amy's bread and murrays cheese are) is this great italian pork store that makes amazing sandwiches! go to the counter in the back and pay just $5 or $6 for a huge italian sub. they have the best prociutto and fresh mozzarella in the city, in my opinion.

          pizza and bagel places on carmine, between bleecker and 6th ave. (next to that random little triangle "park") are good, safe bets, too.

          the indian place on bleecker between 7th ave. and grove, surya, has a really good lunch box special for delivery or lunch buffet for eat-in. buffets usually gross me out, but it's super clean and delicious.

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            hi - i think the panini place you're trying to think of is panini giusto - it's right next to "the art of cooking" (which is always fun to pop in to to look at cooking accoutrements, if you're interested in that kind of thing). that's also close to pepe verde on hudson, which has a cheap $8 lunch special that includes pasta + a soup.

            all the places people mentioned are really great. if you want a good old school diner, try la bonbonniere on hudson near west 12th. they make EXCELLENT bacon egg and cheese sandwiches (well i know that's not lunch but they're really good). the service is really fast, the food is cheap, and the guys there are very friendly. i hadn't gone there in two years, and when i popped in the other day they remembered what i usually order! (uh, bacon egg & cheese on a roll. yeah!) and after you're done you can stop by chocolate bar for some coffee or hot chocolate or dessert-y items.

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              Shirlotta, La Bonbonnière is on 8th Avenue between Jane and West 12 th Streets, not Hudson Street.

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              unfortunately Mama Buddha's is closed. It was the BEST chinese downtown.

            3. This is why I love chowhound. Thanks, everyone, this should keep me busy for a few weeks!

              Had 2 hebrew nationals at westville today... they did not offer me the market sides, so I had the decent (if not amazing-- mostly too short!) fries instead. A good meal, but a bit pricey at $8.65 with tax. I think next time I'll make sure to get the veggies! Maybe that butterscotch pudding for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up?

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                This place is SO overrated! People wait in line for this slop is shocking. You can have Hebrew National hotdogs at home.

              2. For great creative & inexpensive falafel that'll rock your lunch world, try:

                222 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014
                between Perry and 11th Sts.

                They have a lunch platter that includes hummus, pita, tabouleh, and israeli salad and is a steal!

                1. i tried westville yesterday, and was very happy w/ my cheeseburger and fries (though i only ate half of the very large portin of fries! i think i'll get the hotdogs and market sides the next time. my girlfriend got the neiman ranch ones, they were great, as was the fennel parmesan side. i wish they'd offer the market sides w/ the burger too.

                  1. Allow me to add to my own list here:

                    Can't miss the new Bing place on West 3rd just east of 6th Ave!


                    1. Temple in the Village on West 3rd is good for vegetarian Korean. A pile of sauteed watercress and a couple of kimchee pancakes makes a nice lunch. They serve up the same stuff in their buffet EVERY DAY, but it is a good kimchee fix.

                      Second the bings, which I tried 2 days ago. I got two, which I realized was really one too many, but I couldn't help polishing them both off and falling into a deep, weird sleep in Washington Square park for a few minutes. If you like sesame seeds, these are your dream come true.

                      Cafe Asean is nearby for good Asian-fusion food in a really nice setting, and they have $6-7 lunch specials. Good for a day when you need to be soothed. The back patio is covered and a great place to sit on a rainy day.

                      1. I third the bings. I bought 3 of them, which i immediately thought was probably too many, but once I bit into the first one I wished I had bought more. I only had the pork and chive kind, but it totally kicked my ass, especially for the price. Nice balance between fat and rice wine-vinegar acidity in the filling, and at least a dollar's worth of sesame seeds. And for a dessert, a banana bun (which was on the house as it was there first or second day open) is well worth paying for.
                        And westville's cheeseburger (with bacon and sauteed onions) is one of my favorite burgers, and worth maybe a pay-day splurge.
                        Also, Corner Bistro. When I worked in the garment district and couldn't care less about my job, my co-worker and I took a few loooonnnngggg lunches for a bistro burger and a (nearly-nonalcoholic) mug of McSorley's Dark.

                        1. Indian Bread Company on Bleeker, South of Washington Square sells panini style sandwiches on naan with indian ingredients. Very good, and not something I've seen anywhere else. $8 or $9 for a sandwich and a drink if i remember correctly.

                          1. Tora (Ahi Sushi) on 7th Ave. South below Bleecker is great.

                            1. oops, the name of the Sushi place is Tora (Ido Sushi), which has terrific rolls, delicious salads and is reasonably priced.