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Jul 7, 2006 03:45 PM

Summery French and Italian dishes for World Cup party

So - for this Sunday I'm having a World Cup party and want to make some summery disches that represent the cuisines of the two countries. Two dishes planned are a standard vegetable lasagna and a quiche of sorts (veggie, and inspired by what I find at the greenmarket tomorrow). Can anyone help with other ideas for summery dishes, preferably that don't use dairy or shellfish? (Those are dietary, not religion restrictions, so pork is OK.)

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  1. I would do a nicoise salad (you can put the dressing and the egg on the side) with either chicken or tuna. It is a traditional French salad and people love it!
    You could also do an antipasto plate (dried meats, cheeses and vegetables) and those who can't have dairy can just avoid the cheese.

    1. You'll get loads of responses to this! I've been enjoying fresh broad beans (fava beans) for the past few weeks. If you can get them, take them out of the pods, blanch for 1 or 2 minutes, shell if necessary. Then drizzle with good olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice, and mix with a crushed clove of garlic (which you can remove later if you just want the flavor). I sometimes add crushed red chili too. Let sit for at least an hour, but a day is fine. Mash all or some of the beans if you like. Serve with some good bread, which you can dip into the delicious oil.

      1. I'm also have a World Cup final party, and got some ideas from this board (see post below or above). I'm aiming more for appetizer/finger food, but am currently considering various cheeses, olives, caponata (eggplant and tomato time!), maybe a white-bean salad, fig-mascarpone bruschetta, melon & prosciutto, and fizzy, fruity cocktails and pastis. One friend is bringing a tiramisu, and we're making a tarte tatin for dessert.

        1. Thanks so much for the advice! I will go to the greenmarket tomorrow and see if they have fresh fava beens. A puy lentil salad may work, too. Melon e prosciutto is of course a great idea - I can't believe I didn't think of that. Cocktails I will be serving are Perroquets (pastis and mint syrup) and Venetian spritz (I make mine with seltzer, pinot grigio, and Aperol, though some prefer to use prosecco for the seltzer/wine and Campari for the Aperol). Whether you're cheering "Allez les Bleus!" (like I have been doing for way too much of my life) or "Forza Azzurri!" (and shame on you if you are!), it should be a great day for all of us. Provided France wins, of course.

          1. One thing that's been posted recently and I just did for dinner is baked caprese salad.
            You could also just do a regular caprese but it's a great summer thing. It's also red, white and green. Perfect for an Italian representation.