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Jul 7, 2006 03:44 PM

inexpensive cafe - european atmosphere a plus!

weekend trip planning: looking for cheap (12 per person or less) meals on a budget! places with terraces would be great. big fan of mediterreanean or healthy meals. big fan of good quality coffee and gelato. places currently thinking about: aux deux marie, santropol, olive/gourmando, cate de soleil, la briorche lyonnaise, and jardin de panos. any more? thoughts on mythos or ouzeri?

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  1. Ouzeri is great, but might be too expensive for your budget. I suggest Santropol, Côté Soleil on St-Denis, SoupeSoup on Duluth Est for a good cold soup (they do cold in the summer and hot in the winter) and a sandwich, and (suprisingly) Auprès de ma Blonde on St-Denis, for very good cheap salads. If you're in the St-Denis/Duluth area, try the ice cream at Le Festin de Babette or the gelato at Suite 88 Chocolatier (they also do very god hot chocolate).

    1. It isn't Mediterranean, doesn't have a terrace, and might be closed on Sundays, but it's intensely European-feeling and will fill you with good stuff for a pittance. If you spend as much as $12 per person, you are most probably a glutton's glutton.

      Euro-Deli Batory [Polish]
      115, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest,
      Montréal, QC H2T 2L2

      1. Thank you so much for the responses. Much appreciated! In addition, is there a place where both a 20-something and her mother would both feel comfortable getting a drink and/or coffee/dessert? would laika or upstairs cafe work?

        1. Laika is a fun place for an afternoon drink...and Upstairs cool if you happen to go when there is people. In those places, I would definitely choose Laika. You could also do Vasco da Gama, either on Bernard or Peel, walk around Bernard and go to F or le Café Souvenir or try out the patio at Lévesque.

          If you only want drinks, try out Whisky Café on Saint-Laurent. Very cozy, yet sophisticated place. They also serve little things to eat, but I cant remember if they serve desserts,

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            I find the bar question really tough, because so much depends on personal taste and style. In addition to your suggestions (which seem appropriate, as far as I know them) I'd suggest the patio at Boris Bistro (465 rue McGill in Old Montreal) or, if being outside doesn't matter so much, Bistro Holder a few doors down (407 McGill).

            These places aren't exactly cheap (though at Holder, draft beer is as cheap as at many more modest bars, and much cheaper than tourist traps such as just about any place on Crescent) but I think they're likely to please adults of any age.

            (For the uninitiated, Boris has one of the most unusual restaurant washroom setups I've ever seen -- you have to take an elevator down to the parking garage level of the adjacent office building, then walk down a longish corridor. I thought the waiter was playing a practical joke...and still wonder if he might have been.)

            1. re: Mr F

              Lolll No! It wasnt a joke. But last time I went, a couple of weeks ago, our waiter told us that they were about to build a few washrooms on the same level than the resto. I also second Boris...very nice patio.