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Jul 7, 2006 03:17 PM

Downtown: Great Steak Great Scene Needed

Anyone have a great steak outside of the standard (Mortons, Bardi's, Barbarians, etc) Need a place with great steak and a good scene.

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  1. How about the Savoy Bistro? Yummy steak frites in a dark cozy atmosphere.
    You could also try Hy's though it is a chain and I have never been there.

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    1. re: chowchow985

      Absolutely second that. Savoy Bistro is a great little place. The steak frites are subline and I love the atmosphere. It is a fun, Parisian-inspired place.

      Also, I would recommend The Strand. I haven't eaten there recently but I had two great steaks there. The service is hit or miss and the atmoshpere is very modern. I find it can get very loud on the weekend though.

      1. My girlfriend was raving about the steak-frites she had the other night at Le Select Bistro on Wellington..twentysomething dollars...great atmosphere, fun crowd...she was going back this weekend for another!

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          You should try Le Paradis on Bedford. They have two versions of Steak Frites, one with marinated flank and the other with flat iron for $14 and $15 respectively! Also, their wine mark-up is very low with many decent bottles available for under $35.

          IMHO this is more of a true bistro than Le Select, where you are paying a lot of money for their new location, decor and wine cellar.

        2. Bymark has great steaks and burgers, but believe me when I say that you pay dearly for them.

          They use 35 days dry-aged Cumbrae beef exclusively.

          Great scene, very hip.

          1. Thuet is serving a 60 day aged Cunbrae tederloin steak. Currently the best steak in the city (in my opinion)..

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              That is a serious amount of dry-aging. I may have to try that one. Thanks for the info.