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Aug 10, 2004 06:05 PM

Rosamunde Grill and World Sausage Grill -Very good

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Both of these joints are great for the sausages sandwiches. try the chicken sausage w/ cherryies and the veal weisswurst at the former at the latter tried the great chicken curry sausage. i wasn't aware that sf was such a hot dog/sausage type of town. in la, we're more famous for chili dogs.

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  1. I had the chicken habanero sausage at World it was fantastic. Good heat, bread was the perfect thickness. You can get three toppings. Forget what I had at the time.

    The owner is a bike rider who rode the bike hanging on the ceiling around the world.

    All ingredients are organic. It rationalizes eating a sausage.

    1. LOVE the weisswurst at rosamunde. it's so light and delicately flavored. as for chili dogs, i often get chili on the bratworst (?, the sandwich where they give you two sausages), with onions and both sweet and hot peppers. SO GOOD. having lived in LA for 8 years, i know all about the chili dogs... tommy's and pinks are my faves. :)

      1. LOVE the weissworst at Rosamunde. So light and delicately flavored. Reminds me of the first time I had them in Munich, although they were grilled vs. served in the bowl of boiling water. As for chili dogs, I often get Rosamunde's bratworst (?, the one that they give you two sausages per sandwich) and have them smother it in chili, onions and both hot and sweet pepers. Yum!! Having previously lived in LA for a fair amount of time, I know all about the chili dogs!! Tommy's and Pinks are my FAVES! :)

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          it might also be the merguez which i've seen in a two sausage combo, how's the chili at rosamunde? also, i wish i had been there on tuesday to try there infamous cheesburger.

          1. re: kevin

            definitely not the merguez (although i forgot how yummy that one is, too!! :) ) the chili is actually pretty good. straight meat chili with good garlic (powder!) flavor. overall, i'd say it's mild as chilis go, but it's a perfect topping for dogs (and the burger which i also often have slathered in the stuff with the hot and sweet peppers.)

            yes, you really should try the burger. it's from heaven! :)

            1. re: vespaloon

              I just had the Rosamonde burger yesterday and thought that it had gone downhill seriously.

              First, its now $5, not $4. Their "grilled onions" are now barely panfried onions which is really annoying. The patty was smashed thin - originally, they made the patty thick so the outside would sear and still have a moist interior.

              And the beef didn't have much flavor and had an over-handled texture.

              But at least now I can eat the Memphis Minnie's pimento cheese burger happily knowing that its the best burger on the block AND its available all week.

              1. re: Pssst

                that's a bummer to hear! i had one about a month ago, and they were the same as they have been.

                the memphis minnie's burger sounds great. thanks for reminding me, as i have been wanting to try one. maybe tonight!! :)

                1. re: vespaloon

                  Beat ya there, vespaloon. Yesterday was an all veg diet for me, so I figured I earned a carnivore's lunch. Ms. Pssst's post popped up when I was trying to decide what to have for a late lunch and the idea tickled me.

                  The half pound burger, $6.95, is loosely formed, beautifully charred (perfect grill markings) and came out medium-rare as ordered. It nestles snuggly in the hollowed-out and toasted french roll. I opted for the pimento cheese (75ยข) and grilled onions (very soft and almost confiture-like), and didn't add any other condiments, wanting to savor it as served. The careful grilling adds a smoky note and makes a big difference. Even though pink in the center and still moist, this isn't a particularly juicy (read greasy) or deeply beefy-tasting burger and I only needed two napkins (from the roll of paper towels on each table). The pimento cheese is just an accent - juicy red peppers - and I might ask for more next time. A thoughtfully designed and built burger. Like the handcut fries with a little bit of skins left on and tossed with chili seasonings, but they got soft as they cooled down. The Blenheim ginger ale, $2.25, from South Carolina is super spicy and oh-so-gingery! Really wakes up the mouth, and I even cut it with some ice in my glass. Very enjoyable with this otherwise non-spicy meal.



                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Oh man - I love that ginger ale so much. Usually buy it by the case from Yum on Market. It's great with vodka and lemon. :)

                    1. re: jen maiser

                      Good to know! I loved the ginger ale, but can't afford to pay $2.25 a bottle all the time. Don't think I'd want it with a spicy barbecue sauce, but it was great with the burger.


                    2. re: Melanie Wong

                      GOOD SHOW, Melanie!!! :) A picture's worth a thousand words, eh?

                      1. re: vespaloon

                        This lunch was about as far away from green leafy veggies as one could get. No lettuce, no tomato, and the onions were transformed nearly into candy. Even though I didn't eat all the bun and left more than half my fries, I could still feel this thing in my tummy when I went to bed at 1am...and I had no other food or dinner after my burger. Definitely sticks with you - enjoy!