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Jul 7, 2006 02:28 PM


I recently found a site called I catalogued all my wines there on their server. You can look up ratings, values and it'll list your collection by country and region. It'll tell you when your wine is ready to drink, share your cellar with others. It's pretty cool.

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    1. Probably because I am familiar with it and have been using it for a couple of years. It lets me do everything that manage your cellar does. I can also post tasting notes directly from it to the various wine boards I frequent.

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        I see. Since you said you prefer CellarTracker, I presumed you had tried both. But it seems you haven't tried

      2. I started to check out Cellar Tracker as it came up in google searches for tasting notes on various wines. I liked that it had several reviews from members on certain wines. Was thinking about switching over...but the thought of rentering everything was daunting.

        1. CellarTracker! also has the advantage of size. It has more than 200,000 wine definitions (wine + vintage) in the database, with close to 3,000,000 bottles of wine cataloged, and 120,000+ tasting notes. The completeness of the database means you almost never have to enter information about a new wine.

          (When you start, there is a way to do bulk imports from a spreadsheet, and even if you have to use the GUI to enter things, it isn't bad because of the completeness of the wine database).

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            Is there a way to import from my other program?

            1. re: MalibuAly

              CellarTracker is web-based. Your choices are to enter by hand (really not so bad as the wines are already there. 1000 bottles of wine / 500 wines should only take two or three evenings) or use a spreadsheet. You have to map your wines to the existing wine definitions in CellarTracker. The spreadsheet route usually gets about 75%+ automatically mapped, and you have to map the rest by hand (misspellings - inconsistent AVA/Appellations, etc.). At this point, almost no one has more than a handfull of wines that aren't already in the database.

              (Also, I was off on my statistics above, I have corrected them).

          2. Has anyone used the software formerly associated with Robert Parker?