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Jul 7, 2006 02:12 PM

Fish at Brookline Farmers Market

Had the fish from the fish lady for the second time. Last night I had the bluefish. Very fresh and delicious, at $8 a pound. Previously had the haddock and was very pleased. Nice addition to the market. Thursday has become fish day for us.

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  1. Agreed, we grilled some of their cod last night and it was beautifully fresh - though we did have to pick out a few bones, the filleting was less than perfect.

    1. Is that Globe Fish Co which also goes to the Arlington Farmer's market, Busa Farms (tuesdays), and lexington farmer's market (not certain if they still go there)? I believe its actually one of the processors at the seafood processing center, but the person who goes out refers to herself as fish lady.

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        Yes that's the one. And haven't found a bone yet.

      2. Oh good, I'd been wondering about her quality. Funny, I don't mind buying beef from the River Rock Farms stand or eggs from the Johnson's Dairy stand (I shop at both every week, in fact!), but I admit I'm a little squicked at the idea of buying fresh fish at a farmer's market. I bet it comes from when I was living in Corpus Christi and there were all these skeevy dudes selling "fresh" shrimp out of the backs of their pickups in 90-degree heat.