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Jul 7, 2006 02:10 PM

Taste of Lawrence?

Have anyone been to? Is it worth going at all?

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  1. I assume you're referring to the event called "Taste of Old Town - St. Lawrence Market Craft Beer Show" which was scheduled for the weekend of July 15th. It was apparently supposed to feature food from some of the local restaurants (rather than a rib cook off like in previous years) along with beer tasting.

    However, I understand this event has now been cancelled: they may try to reschedule something for the fall, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    If you're referring to some other event, please fill us in on the details!

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    1. re: Gary

      Yeah, my mistake... this is a totally different event happening on Lawrence Ave. Please ignore my ramblings :)

    2. I believe it's a different event.. This event is taking place this weekend (July 7-9) on Lawrence between Warden & Crockford Blvd. The URL is

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        Does anyone know what kind of cuisine this festival is offering? I'm pretty foreign to this neighbourhood.

        1. re: kaka

          There are a lot of Middle Eastern, South Asian restaurants here, including Farhat, the shawarma place that I just posted about.

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            my wife and i went last year, and also had some very tasty jerk pork. the whole festival is basically in the parking lots of a couple of strip malls. not particularly scenic, but DEFINITELY chow-worthy. tasty and quite cheap. you can also check out the arabic grocery/pastry shops.

      2. I went yesterday (Saturday) and it's worth checking out if you're in the area or looking for something to do. One block of Lawrence is closed off (east side of Warden) so if you're driving, you have to look for parking on the surrounding inside streets. There is a stage for performances, small amusement park with rides and games, and vendors selling products and food. Someone asked about the cuisine...there was hotdogs, sausages, fries, chicken/beef kebobs, corn on the cob, jerk chicken/pork, seafood, malaysian style roti, ice cream and even popeye's chicken! The weather was perfect and the food hit the spot. The festival runs until 6pm Sunday.