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Jul 7, 2006 01:52 PM

fast cheap sushi/Phila

Are there any places in Center City that have really fast, cheap decent sushi? I'm thinking of a place similar to something like Go Sushi in NYC, with pre-packaged freshly made sushi and other options, pay at the counter kind of thing...

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  1. kami sushi express is good - between 15th and 16th on sansom. laban is a fan. i don't consider them especially cheap, but they are a take out place and are fresh.

    1. I like Wasabi House (2 locations: 13th & Pine & between 6th & 7th on South). You can eat in or take out. They often have premade selections in the cooler (at 13th & Pine), but they'll also make it pretty quick. I wouldn't call it mind blowing good sushi, but it's yummy and pretty reasonable.

      1. Don't know how good "fast cheap sushi" could actually be but try the more upscale food markets, Whole Foods...Wegman's. But I'd be scared of fast or cheap when it comes to sushi.

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          Yes, I'm thinking of something like Whole Foods sushi. Not looking for amazing, just decent. Thanks for all the suggestions, will check out Wasabi House and Kami.

        2. Mizu on S. 20th is good and affordable with eat in and take out service. They have a site just google them.

          1. Tokyo Lunch Box around 18th & Chestnut - fab!!