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Jul 7, 2006 08:31 AM


i'm visiting the portland, maine area this weekend and am eagerly looking forward to partaking in a seafood fest.

my question is, what are the best, "must-visit" places in maine (within 2 hours drive of portland)? i know there are many reputable places for seafood and lobster in particular, but i'm only going to be up there for 2 days and want to go to the best places based on your recommendations.

listed below are the foods i'm hoping to sample up in maine - i'd really appreciate any suggested eateries for each of these foods, esp. the first 5 listed...thanks so much!

-lobster roll
-crab roll
-fresh boiled/steamed lobster
-fresh steamed clams
-blueberry pie (with fresh local blueberries if possible, even though i've heard blueberries aren't really in season until late summer)
-new england clam chowder or lobster stew
-whoopie pie
-ice cream

btw, the last time i was up in maine a few years back, i went to a place in cape elizabeth called the lobster shack and had very good lobster rolls and crab rolls. i also had very good steamed lobsters and steamed clams at this little shack called nunan's lobster hut in the cape porpoise section of kennebunkport.

just wondering: how do the lobster shack and nunan's lobster hut compare (favorably or not) vs. your recommendations?


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  1. Morse's Lobster Shack off Allen Point Road in Harpswell is the best we found on our "lobster twice a day" mini-break in Maine last summer. It's a deck on the water with a small counter where the food's prepared. Damn good lobster rolls and pretty good onion rings too.

    Haraseeket Lunch in Freeport was a close second, and it's handy if you want to do some outlet shopping.

    In Brunswick, we also had some killer lobster paella at the Starfish Grill - it looks like a crappy strip mall restaurant but it is a real find, and not to be missed.

    1. Most of the lobster places were the same when I was up there. They were all very good but mostly the same. However you might want to try the The Clam Shack in Kennebunck. They have the best fried clams I've ever had. These are whole clams, not strips. Being a diabetic I don't eat sugar so I can't help with the blueberry pie. However, if you pull off to any of the trails near Sandford (near Kennebunk) during mid July and later you can pick wild blueberries. They're as sweet as candy. Any lobster shack in the Kennebunk/Sandford area will have great Lobster and accompinents..

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        1. By far, the best lobster I have ever had in my **LIFE** came from Waterman's Beach in South Thomaston -- not too far from Camden, Maine. They won a James Beard award a few years ago. It is a total **gem*** of a place, and is exactly what you'd want from a lobster shack -- it's a shack. ... it's on the water with fishing boats pulling in. Red & white checked table cloths, and clean! clean! clean!

          Here's a link to what the Beard folks wrote about it. You'll have to scroll all the way down:

          1. I heartily second the rec for Waterman's Beach Lobster. Perfect location, exceptional lobsters -- and my God, the pies. The women who run the place bake them fresh every morning. The blueberry is good, but the rhubarb will knock you sideways.

            If you're up for a trek, go to the Dolphin Chowder House in South Harpswell (not terribly far from Portland) and have their insanely good fish chowder. They also have a full menu and very good lobster dinners, but I've driven hours out of my way for that chowder.



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              Oh man that chowder is worth the drive. If you are a boater, the restaurant is located at a marina so you can motor up to it. In addition, with every order of fish chowder they serve a home baked blueberry muffin.