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Jul 7, 2006 08:03 AM

Need Gourmet Sandwiches Recipes

Lookign for suggestions or ideas on types of sandwiches. recommendations for bread, meat, condiments etc. Need to provide sandwiches for a meeting. SO far of my list....bagguette, turkey with brie arugula and pesto mayonnaise.

want it to be tasty and creative. something out of the ordinary.

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  1. 'wichcraft in NYC makes some of my favorite sandwiches. Here is a link to their menu, which will give you lots of great ideas!

    The Grilled Fontina and the Marinated White Anchovies are my favorite, but they might be a bit advanced.

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      What a fantastic menu!! Thanks for posting it and I'm jealous of the creative name...wish I could think up one like that!!

    2. How 'bout muffaletta. It's a simple yet off beat sandwich. Bread, genoa, black forest, provalone and olive tapenade. I make them at home from time to time and their great.


      1. aged white cheddar, sliced granny smith apples, field greens, & a good honey mustard (also good for vegetarians)

        roast beef, cheddar, red onion, field greens & horseradish aioli

        1. hummus, taboule, sliced red onion, sliced bell pepper, feta cheese, and sliced up kalamata olives, either in a fresh pita, or wrapped in a lavash rollup

          roast beef and boursin with red onion and some prepared horseradish on sourdough

          smoke turkey, sliced avacodo, bacon, and some sliced roquefort with aoli on rye

          I try not to use lettuce on any of my sandwiches - always either mixed field greens or baby spinach

          You also can never go wrong with a good Cuban sandwich

          1. Fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and EVOO on a baguette -- my favorite. Maybe add some best quality artichoke hearts.