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Jul 7, 2006 07:56 AM

La Taquiza in Napa?

Since the mention linked here,

the emails are coming in on how good the Baja-style fish tacos are at La Taquiza. I'm sorry I missed it . . . let's see some posts on the board, please.

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  1. I may be half awake but I do remember stopping by in the last few months for a quick grilled fish taco to go in the midst of errands. It was fresh and tasty. There was a salsa bar and stunning paintings on the wall from a local artist. Lots of other interesting options on the menu like ceviche and seafood cocktails. Wines by the glass. That's all I can come up with pre-coffee.

    1. I've been there twice for fish tacos only, and it is a welcome addition to Napa where we are desperate for something, anything, good and inexpensive. That said, the fish tacos can't come close to anything I've had in San Diego. They have a fried and a grilled version - I think it's all tilapia. I prefered the grilled and liked the shredded cabbage in them. They need the addition of salsa from the salsa bar. I remember a tasty smoky salsa and a pico de gallo that was pleasantly oniony. My daughter didn't like her bean and cheese burrito. They have outdoor seating - albeit in a shopping center - and from my perspective it is a nice change from my standard La Playita tacos al pastor but nothing to write home about.

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        Agreed. Went there 2 days ago. It was fine but not Baja-quality. The sandia aqua fresca was nice; not too sweet. But two tacos and a drink for 10 bucks is going to be an occasional treat rather than an everyday thing.

        We go to the Michoacan truck on Salvador 2 to 3 times a week. I like La Playita but prefer Michoacan, although both can be inconsistent. Have you tried the Jalisco truck, also on Redwood, right outside the mall in the gas station? I just noticed it and it looks promising.

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          Haven't tried Michoacan in a while since I am a devotee of La Playita and live very near the truck! I will have to check it out again and try Jalisco. Re: La Playita - I think the meats and tacos overall are more consistent at the restaurant than from the truck.

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            Just wanted to follow up in the Jalisco truck. Yuck. We've tried it three times and the burritos taste like heat and not much else. I don't mean spicy but just heat. It's a shame because we can walk from our office but it's worth the drive up to Salvador for Michoacan.

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            What do you like at the Michoacan truck?

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              The al pastor is to die for and if you're getting a burrito, the chile verde is an indulgent treat with lots of crema. The carne asada is also marinated more than La Playita.
              La Playita can be great as long as you avoid the burritos (75% rice)and if I lived near either the truck or restaurant, that's probably where I'd go.
              These places are good, but I don't want to give the impression that Napa is a destination spot for Mexican food. I think Oakland and small pockets of the east bay would win on that count.

              1. re: Earl Grey

                Ruby Louise's favorite truck is Michoacan for the al pastor also. I've not had the pleasure yet.

                When you have a chance, it would be great if you'd start a new topic about some of your favorites in Oakland and the East Bay.

        2. Thanks for the low down, Napa-kins!

          When I was at Lawler's this weekend, I noticed a taco truck in the parking lot just north of the store. Worthy?

          Lawler's malfatti -

          1. Ate at the Jalisco truck today. It is in the Union 66vstation just outside Redwood Plaza where Vallergas is. We had al pastor burritos. He asked if we wanted hot sauce and I said "lots". The burritos were good and very moist but not hot. the meat was chopped so fine it almost like ground pork which was odd at first but became really nice after a few bites.
            Really good and I'd go back and see how the other things are. I'm love the other trucks but I'm a little tired of them so this is a nice change.

            1. I didn't remember this post at the time, but I did just happen to stop by there today with a hankering for fish tacos.

              Pretty expensive for fish tacos (the #1 special, which I had, is 2 fish tacos & large drink for $7.50; a la carte is $3.25) Still, you get plenty of fish (tilapia, I was told) as well as the usual assortment of cabbage, crema, cilantro etc. Everything seemed pretty fresh in quality.

              The fish (I had mine California, not Baja style; still would like to try the Baja version for curiosity sake) was tender but on the salty side. The salsas weren't anything to write home about - the best to me was the mild salsa verde.

              Seemed to be getting good steady business even at an off hour (around 2 pm or so); I heard from someone who knew the owner that they may be opening up on Sundays soon.

              The tacos overall were pretty good, but considering the price, it's probably more along the line of a once in awhile visit if you're in the area and are dying for fish tacos.

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              1. re: josquared

                Thanks for posting. Is California style defined there as grilled?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Sorry for not responding earlier, but anyway, yep, you nailed it. California = grilled; Baja = fried