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Red Egg and Ginger Party

DogGone Hungry Jul 7, 2006 07:08 AM

Anyone know a good place for a Red Egg & Ginger Party (prefer the East Bay)?

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  1. Sarah RE: DogGone Hungry Jul 7, 2006 03:22 PM

    It's been said that Silver Dragon (Webster-9th Oakland) has the RE&G party/buffet down perfectly.

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    1. re: Sarah
      chocolatetartguy RE: Sarah Jul 7, 2006 06:42 PM

      Went to a funeral banquet there earlier this year. Food was OK, but nothing to write here about. The ginger sauce with the steamed chicken was really good.

    2. k
      kc72 RE: DogGone Hungry Jul 7, 2006 04:02 PM

      eh... haven't been to SD for a RE&G in years, but from what i've heard, it's still the standard broccoli beef and sweet and sour pork fare.

      went to a RE&G at le cheval that was done pretty well.

      1. j
        jmarek RE: DogGone Hungry Jul 7, 2006 07:13 PM

        Went to one at Peony a year or two ago. Don't remember all the food but I remember it was pretty good. The private room was quite nice compared to just being out in the restaurant.

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        1. re: jmarek
          anna RE: jmarek Jul 7, 2006 10:23 PM

          I've been to Peony several years ago for a wedding reception and another time for dinner. The food was overall really good as is the nicely decorated space. The service however, is a little rough around the edges.

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