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Jul 7, 2006 07:07 AM

Blowfish Sushi? Rec's etc

I am headed there this Saturday night. Its been years since I have been (am from Boston) and was wondering what recommendations local hounds have for there these days. I searched but found primarily older posts with nothing inside of 8 months or so.

Thanks everyone,

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  1. Probably because most Chowhounds stay away from the place.

    1. Do they stay away because the food is bad or they just don't like it in general.

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      1. re: DaveB

        I stay away on both counts. I mean, a place that does a sushi roll with salsa? Not my kind of place. But if you are not a purist and like weird rolls, then it just may be your cup of tea.

        As for the rest, if you have multiple piercings and/or tats and wear black, you'll be fine.

        On a side note, they were robbed a couple of Saturdays ago while they were were still open (from what I understand.) Here's a little prayer that the waitress has recovered!

      2. Yes, if you want really good classic sushi, I'd go somewhere else. But if the location is convenient and you don't need to have a meaningful conversation with any of your dinner companions -- it's awfully loud -- Blowfish food is not bad, just not great. I like the bento box of tempura, which is properly light and made with an interesting assortment of vegetables, and maguro sashimi.